Deals: Xiaomi 14 Ultra price drops by £200, vanilla Xiaomi 14 gets £100 cheaper

Peter, 19 May 2024

In our review of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, we called its camera system “nearly flawless”. However, the Cons section points out that this is a pricey phone – and it still is, though a bit less than usual right now.

Amazon UK has knocked some £200 off the regular price of the 16/512GB model, which is the only one available in the UK. This offer only applies to the White colorways and there aren’t all that many units left in stock.

Previous £ 1,299.00 Min £ 1,285.12 Max £ 1,299.00 11 Day Avg £ 1,290.81
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The smaller Xiaomi 14 also got a glowing review and it corrects one of the few complaints we had about the Ultra – battery life. Despite having a smaller battery, the vanilla model scored an excellent 13:56h on our Active use chart, while the Ultra got the below average 11:25h. The discount isn’t quite as big, but £100 off might help draw people away from the Samsung and Apple procession.

Previous £ 896.23 Min £ 885.03 Max £ 896.23 18 Day Avg £ 891.50
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If you’re not shopping on a flagship budget, the Redmi Note 13 Pro is a an interesting mid-ranger to consider. Xiaomi’s official store has the 8/256GB model at £300 (and you can apply a £20 coupon), but Amazon beats that price, even if just by a bit. The phone’s 200MP main camera is excellent and does a great job at 2x zoom (less great at 4x). The battery life is disappointing with a 10:16h Active use score, but at least the included 67W charger is pretty zippy and gets to 83% in half an hour.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro


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Previous £ 319.00 Min £ 299.00 Max £ 339.00 30 Day Avg £ 336.33
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no, the Zenfone is more compact but the Xiaomi is compact, period. I've tried a Pixel 7 and it's perfectly compact. The iPhone 13 Pro's size is small and it's super compact I'd say. Also, the S24+ is 6.7" and the Xiaomi ...

In Bulgaria the normal 14 512gb has been at 690€ for probably a month.

EU have Euro and UK is not part of EU with bounds

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