December patch coming to fix Google Pixel 3/3 XL issues

Ro, 22 December 2018

This year's Google Pixel launch was a mixed bag - the phones are great but the number of issues that popped up in the first few months ruined the user experience for a lot of owners. Luckily, the December patch aims to fix most of those growing pains.

The most persisting ones like errors in the third-party camera apps, memory management and loudspeakers crackling are reportedly fixed by the latest December patch as Google promised.

Some Pixel 3/3 XL owners are already reporting that the user experience is truly improved following the update. Have you applied the patch already and did it fix those annoyances?



Reader comments

  • MarcioR

Every phone nowadays comes with bugs, it's impossible to fix them all. The first month is when people report the problems so the manufacters can repair those. Same thing applies in every software you update or buy. Mainly with windows updates, vide...

  • Anonymous

Simply put, the Samsung screens in the Pixel 3 are not pretty. Go look at demo units. Light years behind the ones they use for themselves. Possibly not even S5 standard. My girlfriend's S7 has a much better screen than the one in the Pixel 3xl. Feel ...

  • Anonymous

It is staggering that Google makes such a hash of their Pixel devices. They have terrible displays, just go look at demo units, the 3xl screens are already degrading bad. All the ones I have seen have awful yellowing, just look at the whites on the x...