Dell Streak review: Size does matter

GSMArena team, 05 November 2010.

Final words

The Dell Streak is trying to find the best balance between smartphone and tablet in a place where no one else has looked. The hardware certainly seems up to the task, matching the best the market has to offer. Or so it seems when you look at the specs sheet.

However, it’s the performance that counts here and the Dell Streak is not quite as smooth as we are used to seeing from Android – especially at this price point. Of course this is in no small part due to the outdated Android version. As soon as the Streak gets Froyo, things might just take a turn for the better.

Right now, we can’t help but feel that it’s some way behind both its smartphone and its tablet competitors.

The 7” Galaxy Tab seems to better fit the tablet bill and still packs a camera and full phone capabilities. We recently got the chance to review it and the only grudge we had was the high price tag. Unfortunately, the Dell Streak doesn’t exactly go for pennies either.

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab
Samsung Galaxy Tab

And the high-end smartphone market has never been more competitive with makers trying to outdo each other in releasing better featured and better built devices.

Just think about it – there’s nothing that the Streak offers that can top the HTC Desire HD, but screen estate. The Desire HD on the other hand has Froyo with the functionality boost implied, more RAM, a standard port, etc. It’s way more pocketable too – though by no means small with that 4.3” screen. And it’s got a better camera with HD video recording.

HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire HD

Of course, it might be just us but 5” does seem stuck in the middle of nowhere: it’s either a huge phone or a tablet too small. Of course, if a 5” device can do both jobs for you, you might just go ahead and buy it. Once thing’s for sure – you can count on rock solid build quality with this one.

If you’re lucky enough to get an software upgrade soon – it will be a buy you’re unlikely to regret. We’re just not sure. We’ve always thought that tablets are supposed to let you leave your laptop at home. With the Dell Streak however goes the other way – it will let you leave your phone at home and that’s all.

Reader comments

  • Brian

The Dell Streak was an awesome phone!!! I got it when it came out in 2010 and everyone couldn't believe how big it was. The screen was 2x the size of an iPhone 4 and, in my opinion, was perfect! Construction quality was amazing, with metal on glass,...

  • Rohit

so back in 2010 people thought 5 inch screen was too big

  • Doat

I wat to update my dell streat.