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  • Fx8150

It actually users a standard phone sim and not a mini as listed above.

  • dudikoff

snehal, 05 Jul 2013hows it , is it goood to use, n experience,,,,.....yeah... its good to use this handset..

  • snehal

hows it , is it goood to use, n experience,,,,.....

  • Fugarboi

I hav a dell streak 5.each time I tried to save contacts it keeps showing FORCE CLOSED.wat do I do?

  • pradd

gud phone.....looks great...n works great......but the only issue is lack of latest updates and low battery back up

  • Ashish d

I want.update for dell streak.
And also.feed up.baterry
What I do

  • shri

low battry backup

  • Swain

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2013Pls does it have a front camera?Yes,it got a front cam

  • Anonymous

Pls does it have a front camera?

  • Anonymous

what? this phone is soo heavy :o


i bought a dell streak.
how can i know if this device is 3g with the 850 band, 0r with the 900 band?
can we know such thing before buying??
thanks for help

  • AnonD-150478

I use "JuiceDefender - battery saver" to solve both battery life and service provider usage charges.

If you have the Dell Streak 5 Car Holder then when it's time for an upgrade go with the Samsung Note II which fits this car holder.

  • AnonD-150036

hi im using dell streak and my phone battery does not last long dont know if there is a problem with my phone .i want to ask if it is a problem , then how am i going to solve it

  • Nazeer

Dell Streak LCD Broken. How to genew LCD Screen. What is the Cost and where its available.

  • Anonymous

i have a problem reseting my dell streak because the camera button is not working and also i cant do it directly since i forgo my password please what do i do...thaank you

  • Pratibha

I have purchased Dell Strak 5"@ Rs.26000/- in September 2011 from sector 11,Panchkula, Haryana. I was facing lot of problems such as cam flash was not working immediately after purchase. NO USER FRIENDLY, Can't save numbers easily.After 1 yrs warantee period over my Dell streak got damaged with no display. so I has given for Dell service centre sec 35C, Chandigarh. they charged me Rs.10650/- why should i pay so much money after spending Rs.26000/- so since Dec 2012 my dell strak is still with your service center and I do not have money to get it back but I am going to consumer court to get me justice.

  • Dell Choor

Dear Dell Team,
I am very tired & really write this letter for refund my laptop money.
I have called many time to dell tech team also support to me but daily visited urís engineers .But as dally basis suffering these types problems as a mention till now date dell replaced part like this ::
My Dell system TAG:: DY8K6Q1
Motherboard change 33 times.
Display change 25 Times.
Touch pad change 12 Times
Charger change 5 times
Battery change 2 times
RAM Change 8 time both 4GB & 2GB both.
Heat sink with heating part 20 Times
Hard disk change 8 times
Bottom Base 12 times
Many with Other same problem only able to check Dell internal team, also I am knowing take a how much take a time to talk to Dell Team. Dell Sr. Team said false committed because latest my case handles to Mr. Singh (Dell Team knowing), he was saying I am Sr. manage but committed to me regarding my issue, Sure I (Mr. Singh) can solving yours case, but firstly check ur system via Dell engineers. That time I was agreed. Even Dell Engineer also checks it & found problems, also shares to him & me (Dell Team Mr. Singh Also).But now this there is no call from that side.
I was still waiting call from Dell, but only called to me Pickup team, because system faulty items not given to Dell. Todayís morning again calls (Mr. Vipul) to me but I have deny to him.
Finally I am tiring to share on same things to all Social sites, & I am going to complain in consumer court. This mail will also share to hire required team.
System Information
Dell Laptop Service Tag DY8K6Q1
Model No XPS L502X

  • AnonD-143119

kelis, 14 Apr 2013how can i reset my phone?
1 Turn off your Streak.
2 Boot into recovery mode by holding down BOTH VOLUME BUTTONS while pressing the power button.
3 Use the volume down button to highlight option 3 (screen calibration) from the menu and press the camera button to select it.
4 Press the volume down button again to begin the calibration, then press the camera button to return to the previous menu screen. Select the last option to turn off the Streak and then turn it back on normally.

you can do one of the following:
Factory reset
Software via Update.pkg form SD card
Screen calibration
Power off

  • AnonD-143119

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2013I have a problem with my Dell streak when it comes on I the touc... moresometimes same thing happen to me; I just press couple of times the side buttons which make the phone vibrates. then it comes to normal.
I use Tap Tap App from google play to lock the screen as well.

  • AnonD-143119

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2013Bcause u r battery is not goodU can have a spare battery, just in case...
Most of the (new) BIG screen phones are charged every day...