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  • Lambo

Arjun, 10 Aug 2010Will the Dell be upgradeable to Android 3.0?According to google, minimum requirement for 3.0 gingerbread is 1ghz cpu and 512mb..... Dell should be gingerbread ready :D

  • Arjun

Will the Dell be upgradeable to Android 3.0?

  • RF. Engineer AlgisG.

My dream is a phone within so large display 5''. I have got an experience using MDA Pro 3.5'' & HTC HD 3.5''. It's clear now, that all they need much stronger battery even despite its weight. I replaced MDA Pro battery, to the x2 higher power-was happy. New one HTC HD works longer, but not enought as well... Conlusion - Dell Streak needs at least 3000mAh battery. AND - display with 16mln colors. So rich poor cause is poor view.. :( It has a camera, it must be protected by movable lenses cover. Camera is nonsense in mob. phone, without lenses protection against dust and similar...
MY DREAM IS DAB RECEIVER IN MOBILE PHONE [not FM], because in UK, FM stations in nearest future will be closed. DAB is in an advantage-working without noises [if signal is in strenght limit. if no, then silence or 'bubling']
I do understand problem DAB receivers [ICs] are still using to much of el. energy, but they have a future particularly in UK, because there are already more thant 60 various DAB stations.. Need to solve that problem.
AND;; I liked poor WM5 more than WM6, because it is more similar to Windows XP or VISTA.. I not to much like Windows in HTC HD, because in it all has different signs.. If computer, should be more similar to desk or laptop computer.., not to the games machine :)
Sorry for quit strick my opinion [maybe useful ?] :)
Best wishes !!


i was so sad to know that dell still need to wake up , i was impressed by big screen and andriod workin on the streak but as per the comments i read, i better go for samsung galaxy s.... woh it amazing phone .. keep it samsung .... here five for u guys

  • myersz

I work in a phone shop. I really bought into the idea of it. I got one on realease day, after showing customers it all day. I thought the big screen was amazing, and had been promised android was the mutts nuts compaired to my iphone. (flash player etc).

I had the handset for 8 days and returned it, due to it being massivley inpractical. It didnt fit into my pocket, the internet was slow and clunky. No flash player and it feels like adding the phone into it was a was a last minute afterthought.

brilliant idea poorly realised.

  • anish

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2010hey anish u can get a second hand phone in ludhiana.. its in gr8... moreHey thanx for the reply, could you tell me the price as well ???

  • Anonymous

ZTEpic, 29 Jul 2010the battery's capacity is not always important, the hardware opt... moreguys .. the battery capacity is not 1350 .. it's 1530mAh and this is indeed a huge battery!

I also agree that software optimization makes a huge difference.

  • daniel

this phone is the greatest phone ive seen yet. large 5 inch screen with browsing prowness coupled with telephony capability... this is beast!

  • Anonymous

elmanortega, 30 Jul 2010no radio???????? come on amazing i was about to run to get on... moreLMAO - over a shitty radio, ive never used a radio on a phone, but im pretty sure there would be an app for something along those lines.

  • Anonymous

SV, you are correct that the date is not specified. But the specific month is September.

  • SV

Are Dell Mobiles available in India....

If yes then where as I called Dell they told the phones are not launched in India yet & there is no dates for the same as well...

  • Anonymous

2 questions:
1st: Does it lose signal if we hold it the wrong way?
2nd: Will it blend?

  • elmanortega

no radio????????
come on
i was about to run to get one and the no radio back me back to hd3 that is a real machine

  • ZTEpic

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2010seems like a pomb device but why only 1350mAh battery?? my hero'... morethe battery's capacity is not always important, the hardware optimization counts greatly towards battery life aswell (1350MaH is actually quite a big battery)

  • Vj

Well HD and Anonymous, may I kno why are you comparing this device (terminology called as "Tablet") with mobile phones. Hero, iPhone etc are called as mobile phones or cell phone not tablet. If possible compare it with some tablets like iPad...

  • HD2Owner

only 512 MB ROM and 512 MB RAM ?? Wake up DELL which world are you in ? AT&T introduced 1 GB ROM for HD2, why ? Don't you get it ? Being a US based company you can't read the trends in USA itself forget the world. And this gigantic screen is supplied with only 1350 mha battery. Guys what phone do you personally use ? I think all DELL engineers and workers are still in the PAGER age. Lastly Andriod 1.6.... no further comments.
Dell needs to upgrade ALL the specifications to sell this phone.

  • Anonymous

Sorry Dell. This phone is too Big, Too Heavy, low screen resolution and finally old Android OS 1.6. Worst than Sony Xperia X10.

I got My Samsung Galaxy S and Iphone 4 very happy.

  • Karl

When are we going to get a full product review???

  • Anonymous

seems like a pomb device but why only 1350mAh battery?? my hero's 1350mAh battery stays barely a day with heavy use and hero dosn't have a huge 5¨ screen!


i interest about this divice,when this divice come to indonesia