Dell Venue Pro

Dell Venue Pro

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  • Alishr99 this bring 80gb memory..

  • lolo

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2010so not true,look at the full keyboard once you slide up the phon... moredon't forget Palm Pre,,,

  • hoang

the style is great .Dell made the other manufacture feel ashame

  • Anonymous

one word, awesome

  • Anonymous

too too too awesome

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]so not true,look at the full keyboard once you slide up the phone,that's something no other touchscreen phone has got now days,plus looks more stylish than any HTC phone

  • rynn

perfect~! too awesome~

  • matin350

3.5 mm audio jack???!!!

  • aiman

you are the best dell lightning.

  • Anonymous

Wow, nice features...

  • Anonymous

Sexiest phone in the world!

  • moto fan

very nice phone ANd very good spec

  • sam

WOWWWWW! I realy like this handset! ......

  • phonexis

is more similiar to HTC HD 2..most of it frm the point of view i see.

  • embowth

awesome =D

  • Middeldorf

nice design but...
121.6 x 64.4 x 14.9 mm?

HD2: 120.5 x 67 x 11 mm
i like big phones, but this is to much...

  • Anonymous

put more memory space and bult more apps.. totally will bang iphone 4gs

  • Anonymous

selling my n900 for this phone
this one is PURE sex

  • niknok

Drolling over this phone right now. This is one sexy phone! This year, I thought, I'm gonna buy Samsung galaxy s or the iPhone hd but this one made me think twice.

  • Mike

Touchscreen phone with 16m colors,and full qwerty keyboard,can't beat that,not too bulky,or too huge,this could be the best phone out there. I really like all these new touchscreen phones,but they lack in full qwerty keyboard which is a must for people who do lots of SMS,E-mails.
Congrats Dell