Disney will no longer accept Netflix ads on its entertainment TV channels

George, 05 October 2019

Disney is banning Netflix ads on its entertainment TV networks, aiming to make it harder on the streaming giant as the company is preparing to launch its own streaming service Disney+. Disney owned ESPN will still accept Netflix ads.

Disney will no longer accept Netflix ads on its entertainment TV channels

Out of a total advertising budget of $1.8 billion last year, Netflix spent $99.2 million on TV ads, 13% of them going to entertainment channels part of the Disney group.

Apparently, Disney is targetting Netflix in particular, as the move won't affect Amazon, Apple or Comcast, all of which have streaming services of their own. Then again, Disney+ won't be launching on Amazon's Fire TV platform, so things aren't exactly peachy there either.

Disney+ will be launching in the US and Canada on November 12, offering Stars Wars and Marvel content on top of Disney's own. The monthly subscription fee will be $6.99, which compares favorably even against Netflix' most affordable non-HD Basic plan ($8.99).



Reader comments

  • Hmm

All the service are just pushing US junk.......no thank you.

  • Anonymous

People will just go back to filesharing at this rate....

I gave up on Netflix after they unceremoniously cancelled Sense8 and One Day at a Time. Those are very good shows but apparently, all Netflix cares for are easy to market shows like Marie Kondo or Stranger Things. It's no longer worth it.

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