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  • 21 Mar 2024

Babom, 21 Aug 2023No headphone hole and can not decrease the volume when usin... moreYa it's hilarious 😂😅 , I just solved mine by buying wireless earphone with mic 😁 I rest my case.

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    • 21 Mar 2024

    Z, 24 Jan 2024Battery long lasting In rain total suck not waterproof as ... moreYes it is, I tried mine in a waterfall's, although you need to let it dry for a time.

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      • treboR
      • nGY
      • 10 Mar 2024

      Does this phone have wireless charging facility? TIA

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        • fxP
        • 24 Jan 2024

        Battery long lasting
        In rain total suck not waterproof as mention and now speaker spoilt! Buy at ur own risk

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          • Tit
          • 20 Dec 2023

          Thomas, 27 Jun 2023Good day I have problems with charging. I have a doogee S1... moreNo didn't experienced it

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            • 10 Dec 2023

            Eddy, 29 Apr 2023This is a phone for survivalists..hikers, campers and peop... moreI would say that everyone that has kids will enjoy nightvision, for looking for kids things at night ;)

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              • Jeriv69420
              • 3bM
              • 22 Nov 2023

              This HAS to be the worst phone ever. Hands down. No explaining

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                • ACE VENTURA
                • 7$r
                • 14 Sep 2023

                CURIOUS juan, 15 Feb 2023Tell me what happen?hi folks just a couple of things that folk may not realize about the doogie s100 and s100 pro lot of you seem to think that these devices dont have a 3,5ml jack for headphones and in a way that is true however there is a good reason for this in order to make higher speck phones for less money doogie and other firms are combining tech and in this is the case with the s100 and s100 pro the power switch is combined with the fingerprint sensor two pieces of tech one switch . the headphone jack is combined with the charging socket two pieces of tech one socket. you simply buy a £2 or £3 usb c to 3.5 headphone socket and your usb c charging socket becomes your headphone jack. this is all around a great phone the main 108mp camera takes quality hi res images. the light is probably the brightest you will find on a mobile phone at 100 lumens it easily illuminates a dark room. the night vision camera is great for low or zero light photography such as photographing nocturnal animals without startling them. simply put you get alot of phone for your money. enjoy !!!

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 7$r
                  • 14 Sep 2023

                  CURIOUS juan, 15 Feb 2023Tell me what happen?hey folks just a couple of things that folk may not realize about the doogie s100 pro this phone does not have a 3.5m headphone jack for a good reason, and that is because like alot of phones these days the usb c charging socket incorporates the headphone tech you simply buy a cheap usb c to 3.5m adapter cable and plug your headphones in and the sound on a good pair of headphones with the super bass boost is really good. as for a micro usb socket this phone

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                    • Babom
                    • 7XY
                    • 21 Aug 2023

                    No headphone hole and can not decrease the volume when using video call @ messenger app, all conversations can be hear by others

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                      • Thomas
                      • JE$
                      • 27 Jun 2023

                      Good day
                      I have problems with charging. I have a doogee S100, but when the phone charges, the battery percentage goes fast, then slowly... first it only charges to 23 percent in 30 minutes. then after a while it was 44 percent at once. when I look at the battery settings, it shows charging once and then slowly...sometimes it takes 3 hours to charge the smartphone. Sometimes I have 95 percent battery, I disconnect the phone for a while and play a game, and suddenly I see that the battery is 100 percent without a charger. Does anyone have similar problems?

                        Eddy, 28 Apr 2023My Experience so far - 1.Sturdiest phone I've even ... moreHi Eddy, sorry to say, but you're almost completely wrong. I enumerate the mistakes and - if you don't mind - give you some pieces of advice.
                        First of all, it has only 2 loudspeakers, and not 4.
                        The quality of the sound and the video. Use VLC! Why? Because it has a software-based preamp function!!! Use this! With proper equalizer settings, you can enjoy both the sound and the video on a higher level! If you managed to do that, you can enjoy the music like it was a SONY mid-range (half-pro) mp3 player via Bluetooth. Just so you know, all the presets like Rock or Bass, etc. aren't ok. You have it to set it manually. I managed to do that, and now I enjoy music from the phone using a Sennheiser flagship earbuds better than if I used a PRO mp3 player. The AAC codec, .flac high-end quality files are essential for that. Let's see the phone's two loudspeakers. So, no bass. No, not at all. The volume of the speech, if you call somebody, is very silent, that's why I recommend a good Bluetooth headset if you want to "enjoy" the talk. Another option is given, use the "loudspeaker" option during the calls. It is perfect, better than a Samsung Galaxy S20FE, which is winner (and everyone will enjoy your talk around you :) ) And another thought on the volume: with proper VLC settings the max volume may make you deaf....Battery level... Wanna have more time? FORGET THE CHARGER (66W) given with the phone! Use a charger with less than 33W (use your old USB-C charger). This way, a FULL charging will last for 12 hours or more!!!! Consequently, no fast charging! If you use the DOOGEE charger in the box, the battery will be depleted in 3-4 days (depending on the energy-consuming apps, particularly the Bluetooth and 4G-using stuffs). One more thing about the video quality. Use the bigger res, like 1080, but you will find the videos aren't bright enough even if you are on the most bright settings, no night mode, etc. VLC has no this option, like on Windows or Linux, so you have to brighten the videos with a video editor before (if you stick to VLC, at all costs) - I mean, gamma, etc. - if you want a REALLY good video quality Unfortunately I cannot profess anything about the games. I think it depends on the minimum or higher requirements of the game (I know, it is clear to everyone). And the last piece of advice: if the phone is charged to 100%, remove the charger ASAP. So, that's all, hope these infos will help you a bit :) Cheers.

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                          • Geoa
                          • rUJ
                          • 22 May 2023

                          Eddy, 28 Apr 2023My Experience so far - 1.Sturdiest phone I've even ... moreLOL, pretty much any rugged phone is better than the Galaxy Active series, They are not rugged at all. I had all of them and in a case with screen protector - never dropped - always babied - every single screen - very early on developed either black spots/blotches - pink & green lines - ghost image screen burn in or all and Samsung in all cases said was my fault and not covered under warranty, never even got them wet as Samsung says they are water resistant not proof and if phones are water damaged they aren't covered under warranty. I do have the Galaxy Xcover FieldPro, bought it used with cracked screen with black spot as the new price is over $1,000. It is a $300 phone at most, the front stereo speakers can't handle any bass and crack up, the ptt & sos buttons can't be reassigned without app from Google Play store, the battery even when new dose not last long, the battery cover is very flimsy and rubber seal - like the Active & other Xcover phones is very thin and put on like a child did it, my Galaxy Rugby Pro has a thick rubber seal and is older than the Active line, wish it was 4g and newer android as it's useless now since is just 3g and no current apps will work on the old outdated android, I took another Google locked FieldPro apart for the screen since parts for FieldPro are not available anywhere and sending to Samsung to fix is crazy price, even a new battery is only available through Samsung but they won't sell just the battery, you have to send them the phone - pay for battery & an hour service charge plus round tripp shipping, but even after heating adhesive like any other phone the screen quickly cracked, so I just use working FieldPro with cracked screen & black spot with screen protector as one of many phones I swap my sim between. I will say the parts phone I took apart - the actual frame/housing is very strong & well built as with the metal mid frame, and the FieldPro has a decent heavier weight that feels better in hand & stronger than all the other Active & Xcover phones, The phone just needed a stronger battery cover with better locking mechanism & thicker seal - long lasting battery - thicker Gorilla Glass set deeper with bigger lip around entire screen - bigger speakers not in tiny enclosures, like my daily driver Sonim XP8 that has dual front very large speakers that use entire inside of phone as a speaker box and sound amazing with deep bass (After adjusting EQ with PowerAmp app) it's also water proof meaning even without dust cover over port it won't be hurt by water or even chemicals, and lastly a much much cheaper price and would be an actual solid rugged phone. Bottom line Samsung dose not know how to build rugged phones and sell them for outrageous prices. Sonim - Kyocera - Ulefone - Doogee - Oukitel - IIIF150 - AGM - Blackview - Cubot - Unihertz - Conquest - UNIWA - Hotwav - RugGear - Zeeker - InfiRay - Poptel - Ioutdoor - Cyber - UMIDIGI and probably some more I can't think of are all good rugged phone makers. I purposely left out Cat phones as I had every one but the newest S62 S52 S75, I did try the S42 and like all the other Cat phones had problems right out of the box, every single one had parts break very early on without being dropped or treated rough and Cat is worse to deal with than Samsung.

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                            • Eddy
                            • sAP
                            • 29 Apr 2023

                            George, 28 Apr 2023It is a great one. Not as heavy as a V Max, but its advanta... moreThis is a phone for survivalists..hikers, campers and people who live near mountains and forests, so saying that nightvision camera feature is useless is dumb..In fact night vision camera feature is one of the best part of this phone.
                            Your review is very questionable, I highly doubt you are actually using this device..

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                              • Eddy
                              • sAP
                              • 28 Apr 2023

                              My Experience so far -

                              1.Sturdiest phone I've even used in my life. Me and my Colleague played Baseball using this phone as a Bat,and still there was not even tiniest of scratch. However the phone is quite heavy. Is like a brick. You can even knock anybody out cold if you throw this phone at them.
                              2.Display is decent.Not too good,not too bad.But the maximum brightness was too dim for my liking. i believe its around 350 nits possibly even lower..not good at all for outdoor using.
                              3.Camera is okay for the most part .But the real fun is the Night vision camera feature.Its simply incredible, this is something that sets the phone apart from other phones of the world (even s23 ultra and 14 pro max) .
                              Though Video quality of this phone is a mess.
                              4.The phone looks classy and attractive and demands attention. It doesnt have that cheap shiny feel like those Oppo Vivo phones give you.
                              5.Battery backup level is insane..i'm using the phone for the last 1 month and i've only charged the phone twice.seriously,..hard to believe but its true.
                              6.Speaker loudness and quality is rather disappointing for an outdoor device.The phone has 4 big speaker grills that gives out boombox vibe.but in practice sound level is quite frustrating.Even in a bit noisy environment you'll have to use max volume to properly hear something.and sound quality is also harsh and tinny.
                              7.Processors performance turned out to be surprisingly good.Surely this phone isnt built for gaming, but still i'm glad the makers decided to equip the phone with the best engine possible.

                              My opinion- if you are into entertainment, like watching movies,Listening to music,playing games..then this phone wont blow your mind..
                              But i can gurantee you,this is the best outdoor phone you can find in any market today. I've had used Samsung Xcover series and I dare say Doogee s100 is far better.

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                                • George
                                • n7V
                                • 28 Apr 2023

                                It is a great one. Not as heavy as a V Max, but its advantage is, you'll never forget your phone to bring with you... As fast as a Samsung Galaxy NeoS20FE, antutu leads you astray!
                                The devil is in the detail, so let's roll on now...
                                So, the jack plugin... No, and no and no. Despite the fact that it has AAC codec "only" (but yes, besides other ones, and has LDAC!), it sounds like a mid-range SONY MP3 semi-pro player. The Bluetooth AVRCP version is up to 1.6, MAP version is up to 1.4 (adjustable!), so you can set and adjust your wireless headphones (even Sennheiser flagship models) as you want. The sound quality - even the 4 outside speakers - are absolutely clean. It vibrates normally, but I couldn't figure out where to set the level of the vibration.
                                The battery: if you are a really HEAVY USER, and use the phone every day (with all its communication channels on), it lasts 5 days!!! If the battery goes under 5%, and you start to charge it with a "normal" USB-C charger, after 8,5 hours you'll have a 75% battery level in the phone. For "average" users I estimate cca. 2 weeks without charging (below 5% started from 100%).
                                Some mistakes on the part of the sellers: YES, it has a red-green-blue led on its top-left outside, depending on the type of the message, works like a charm.
                                Connection with third-party things, like smartwatches, etc.: more, than good!!!!!! No dropped connection, every app runs as it expected = properly (i.e. the "problematic" Casio apps).
                                It has a VERY STRONG 4G connection (no 5G, by the way). VERY, VERY, VERY stable!
                                Fingerprint sensor: I've never seen such an accurate sensor like this! It identifies your print even from a smooth touch of the side of your thumb.
                                -very good NFC sensor. Fast as hell.
                                -yes, a bit heavy, but what did you expect?
                                -no DOLBY, Hi-Res only
                                -no e-Sim
                                -you have to have the fastest micro-TF card. It reads and writes pretty fast on its own, but it is not fast enough for VLC. No, no lags, but I've seen faster cards-handling...
                                -DDR4X RAM only
                                -the default Camera app is crappy, OpenCamera could be a good alternative.
                                -the night-vision camera. I cannot see its advantages at all.
                                -the step counter is not so accurate
                                -the FM radio needs a wire...
                                -if you roll back from Android 13 to 12 what this phone runs, it is like the stone age. U cannot delete icons just for fun from the starting page, etc. But everything can be cured if you sacrificed some time for that.
                                -connection with PC. Yes, the Windows connection app working well, but the file transfer via a USB cable... Just forget that...
                                -the SIM and card slot. No, there is NO opening pin or opening hole!!! You have to break one of your nails to open it (but in advance, it closes well). Don't use a Swiss Army knife or other metal stuff to open it!!!!! I don't think that water will go inside through that hole.
                                -the other thing is the charging hole at the bottom of the phone. It is very massive and easy to open and close.
                                Ok, that was enough for today. If you have any questions I'll try to answer them. Cheers.

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                                  • Some ramdon user
                                  • 8@U
                                  • 03 Apr 2023

                                  Anonymous, 08 Mar 2023This phone is worse than a dog, no headphone jack. How does... morei guees is due the fact that is a mobile for rude job, and have a real water resistance that cant be achive by using such entrances, may i be wrong if there is at the moment some jack 3.5 really watterpfroof whithin the SoC and carcase

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                                    • Rg123
                                    • fux
                                    • 21 Mar 2023

                                    I like the specs on the phone and all the features, seems like a nice phone.
                                    I have been using a Doogee rugged phone for about 3 years, its not perfect but its tough as nails. I've been seriously considering getting the S100, but there seems to be a lot of bad reviews on phones like the S98, V30 ,S99 ect.
                                    Does anyone have any experience or comments

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                                      • Rg123
                                      • fux
                                      • 21 Mar 2023

                                      Anonymous, 08 Mar 2023This phone is worse than a dog, no headphone jack. How does... moreIf you realy want a headphone jack buy a usb -3.5mm jack adapter, or buy a phone that has 1,

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • s3C
                                        • 20 Mar 2023

                                        Anonymous, 09 Mar 2023headphone jacks in 2023 are more useless than youHow is it useless when you have nowhere to plug in your headphones? Not everyone wants to use wireless headphones. I don't want headphones that can fall from my ear and lose them or to have a battery life of their own that I have to worry about.

                                        3.5mm has issues of its own where the jack or cable can get damaged, but it's harder to lose them and you don't have to worry about battery life.