Dual-curved Meizu 15 Plus pictured with some screen protectors

George, 17 February 2018

The Meizu 15 Plus has been a regular at the rumor mill since December last year, and even posed for some live shots a couple of weeks ago. In today's installment of the saga of pre-announcement leaks, we're treated to a few renders of the phone with some glass screen protectors meant to cover its dual-curved screen.

Meizu 15 Plus screen protector renders Meizu 15 Plus screen protector renders Meizu 15 Plus screen protector renders
Meizu 15 Plus screen protector renders

Screen protector manufacturers aren't ones to care for specs as long as they have the cutouts right, so no additional info on hardware comes from these images. That said, the renders do confirm a design that features minimal bezels.

It remains unclear how Meizu will go about fingerprint recognition as there's no room on the front for a sensor, and those live images we mentioned didn't show a sensor on the back either. If vivo is doing under-display fingerprint sensors, maybe Meizu can too. The 10-LED flash seems safe to remain a Meizu-exclusive, though.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-738495

The OS is still alright but then Meizu do not have updates to their older model that leave consumer with no upgrades and push Meizu Fans to switch to other Brand

  • user

Meizu devices looks good on specs but wait till u have it, it will be a headache. Dont trust me? Look at their bug reports on official page. Its good on the paper but flyme os will ruin everything, its fine if u can flash other custom rom but its alm...

  • j

Garbage os plus good hardware is still garbage. Flyme is garbage trust me. My last device from them is mx4 which was released on 2014. Poor implemetations of features in software side, its fine but its almost umpossible yo flash custom rom to flash,...

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