DxOMark gives the LG G7 ThinQ just a touch better score than the LG V30

Ro, 18 October 2018

LG G7 ThinQ's camera is just a tad better than last year's V30 flagship phone from the company, according to DxOMark's thorough testing. The handset got 83 points on the photo section and 79 on the video forming a total score of 83. That's just one point ahead of the V30 and on par with Sony's Xperia XZ Premium - an early 2017 flagship from the Japanese company.

The conclusion is that the G7 ThinQ's AI-aided dual-camera setup isn't as consistent as could be expected from a high-end smartphone. The stills and the videos appear vivid and offer good exposure but the unimpressive dynamic range and the lack of detail in low-light situation brought the score down. The autofocus system also needs some improvement due to its relatively slow reaction time despite being accurate and consistent. It looks like there's plenty of room for improvement compared to its direct rivals.

For more details, check out DxOMark's full review at the source link below.



Reader comments

DxOMark is just a reference - a good one, but not quite comprehensive. You have to go deep into the detailed review to see which part drags down the score. Some of the categories might not be essential to you. Some people don't care about bokeh, but...

  • g6 user
  • 20 Oct 2018
  • LEi

lg g5 had 86 points due to it has a bigger sensor 1/3 from g6 to newer devices and g4,g5,v10,v20 had 1/2.6 and f/1.8 which for me is balanced for daylight and low light .... I expect v40 to get a better score still g7 is not just a camera but a goo...

  • Morfy
  • 19 Oct 2018
  • iJP

LG G4 has almost same score 83 ... (2015 y.). https://www.dxomark.com/lg-g4-mobile-review-a-new-contender-in-the-top-3/ Let's make some progress LG, there is no better sensor since LG G4 !!

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