DxOMark: iPhone 11 Pro Max isn't as good as the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

Ro, 08 November 2019

DxOMark came out with its latest review featuring the iPhone 11 Pro and the Pro Max since that they both have the same camera and chipsets so you will get identical stills and videos from the two. DxOMark gave the phones an overall score of 117 points which is just enough to put it in third place alongside the Galaxy S10-series. However, they come a couple of points short of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the recently released Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro/Mi note 10.

DxOMark: iPhone 11 Pro Max isn't as good as he Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

As one would expect, the iPhone 11 Pro delivers sharp photos with accurate exposure, wide dynamic range and punchy colors that are also true to life. Additionally, the ultra wide-angle camera received some praise for its detailed shots, wide dynamic range and low chromatic aberrations.

DxOMark: iPhone 11 Pro Max isn't as good as he Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

Unfortunately, the presence of noise in all lighting conditions, and the loss of detail in long-range zoom shots kept DxOMark from giving the phone a higher score.

Video recording is excellent as well with wide dynamic range, good detail and effective stabilization. The weaker points are white balance issues and aliasing in some situations. Still, an overall score of 102 points for video recording puts it among the best in the industry.



Reader comments

So, Apple don't have deep enough pockets for a tiny company like DxOMark? How much do they spend bribing YouTubers to give over the top praise for phones like the iPhone 11, which has a cheap low resolution LCD display?

60fps will make the video quality worse as it takes twice as much processing power. Well, it's chip is twice as powerfull, but anyway, DXOmark doesn't give a higher score for having more fps

it's not outdated at all. It's just not a flagship one. You can still play games like PUBG mobile on high, just not on ultra.