DxOMark tests iPhone 12 Pro, gives it slightly higher score than last year's model

Michail, 14 November 2020

DxOMark published its iPhone 12 Pro camera review and the verdict is in. The new model offers marginal improvements over last year’s iPhone 11 Pro at just the right places which resulted in a 4 point improvement over the 11 Pro.

iPhone 12 Pro scorecard
iPhone 12 Pro scorecard

The test concluded with an overall score of 128 points, which puts the 12 Pro in fourth place overall rankings matching Xiaomi’s Mi 10 Pro and falling a single point behind Huawei’s P40 Pro.

Hardware-wise all three sensors output 12MP shots. There’s a main 26mm equivalent lens with F/1.6 aperture and OIS. It’s aided by a 13mm-equivalent ultrawide lens with F/2.4 aperture and a 52mm telephoto module with F/2.0 aperture and OIS. One new addition this year is the LiDAR sensor which is used for depth sensing.

DxOMark tests iPhone 12 Pro, results are slightly better than last year's model

The 12 Pro performed admirably across the board. DxO lists its consistent autofocus performance, accurate colors and detail preservation as the strong points. Details in indoor shots were rendered quite nicely and exposure was spot on across the board.

Nighttime shots were also on point with solid exposure though the noise was evident and detail tended to suffer. Dynamic range was not a particularly strong point and the telephoto sensor struggled with more demanding tasks when zooming further away. Ultra wide angle performance was good but details were trailing behind other flagships.

DxOMark tests iPhone 12 Pro, results are slightly better than last year's model

Video recording was a particularly strong point with excellent results again showing near superb autofocus, exposure and color accuracy. Stabilization was also on point and detail preservation stayed on point even in dim lighting conditions. The wide dynamic range was another strong point.

Check out the full DxOMark iPhone 12 Pro camera review here.

In addition, feel free to check out our own camera shootout where we put the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro against last year’s iPhone 11 Pro.


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The EXACT same scenario with the verge. Oftentimes they are harsh critics of apple devices(homepod, homepod mini, magsafe duo charger, even XS and before camera quality). Only RECENTLY have they started to praise the apple camera, and now p...

So tell me 1 site that "isn't" on the apple "payroll". Now your most trusted DxO gives your most hated device a good score, you call them a joke! The verge literally trashed on the homepod AND the magsafe charger, sayi...

  • Anonymous

Everybody on the Internet knows Verge is on The Apple payroll. As usual brand boys demonstrating their intelligence.

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