DxOMark: vivo X70 Pro's camera beats the iPhone 13

Ro, 14 January 2022

DxOMark just published its full camera review of last year's vivo X70 Pro, which we found to be among the best cameras in the market. DxOMark's rating aligns with this az the handset got an overall score of 131 points sharing its 12th place with the Oppo Find X3 Pro and the vivo X50 Pro+. Interestingly enough, that puts it one place above the iPhone 13, 13 mini and 12 Pro Max.

DxOMark: vivo X70 Pro is a better photographer than the iPhone 13

The reviewers liked the accurate exposure, vibrant colors, excellent detail in low-light scenarios, the proper white balance on the ultrawide camera and the effective video stabilization. On the other hand, the review findings suggest that there's noticeable clipping of fine detail in some scenarios, a little bit of noise in both day and night, color fringing on the ultrawide camera (this is a common issue, by the way) and the loss of focus and detail in low-light video scenes.

If you want to read in detail as well as compare the handset to other phones, check out the full review at the source link down below.



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I'd like to try it and tell what I think of it! owner of a Vivo Z5x

so they perceive that majority of the flagship buyers are actually w/o IQ no matter they are successful in their own field or not. only people who have no real jobs are intelligent. what a discovery.

  • Anonymous

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