Kirin 820 5G specs leak: first G77 GPU from Huawei, 7nm process

The upcoming Kirin 820 will be the first 5G-connected chipset from Huawei aimed at the mid-range. Leakster Digital Chat Station has provided the first unofficial details about the hardware.

This will be a 7nm chip with Cortex-A76 acting as the big cores, just like in the Kirin 810 and 990 4G. The ISP and NPU are "fully upgraded", presumably compared to the 810.

Interestingly, this will be the first chipset to come out of the HiSilicon foundries to use the Mali-G77 GPU (even the Kirin 990 uses G76). According to ARM, the G77 is 120% to 140% faster per mm² compared to the G76, it's 30% more energy efficient as well.

The Mali-G77 GPU core pack more performance per mm² than G76 • It's 30% more energy efficient

The Mali-G77 is also used in Samsung's Exynos 990 chipset found in some Galaxy S20 versions. Of course, Huawei probably won't configure the mid-range chip with 11 cores, but the GPU will still be miles ahead of the Mali-G52 found inside the Kirin 810.

This chipset will be used in the Honor 30S, more models are probably on the way too.

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Based on the results from the initial engineering sample (January, 2020), D800 outperforms both SD765G and Exynos 980, and only marginally below D1000L. Lets wait for the real D800 based unit coming out. (There are several D800 versions around, clock...

This is the true order acc to benchmark kirin 820, d 1000l>exynos 980>sd 765g>d 800 Also this is the reason new qualcomm chip sm 7350 is coming which is placed above sd 765g

  • Anonymous

Isn't the SD765G basically a speed binned SD765 just like SD730? Anyways, Qualcomm is taking advantage of its monopoly which no consumer wants. I'm not excited with 2020 flagships due to drastic price change. I think all of the 5G midrange SoC perfor...