eBay UK cuts 14% off various phones, just in time for Valentine's day

Peter, 03 February 2020

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and now may be a good time to pick up a gift. eBay UK is running a promotion with the PAMPER14 voucher, which will knock 14% off the price of various items.

As usual, some terms & conditions apply. For starters, you need to spend at least £20. Also, the maximum discount is £75. As a guideline, items worth £535 will get the max discount.

We’re mostly interested in mobile phones – here’s the full list. A few highlights include an iPhone XS for £361 post discount, Samsung Galaxy A70 for £292, Nokia 7.2 for £210 and Moto G7 Power for £137. If you want something simple and rugged, a Nokia 800 Tough goes for £99 after the 14% are subtracted.

eBay UK is offering 14% off various phones and other items, just in time for Valentine's day

Of course, eBay sells a lot more than phones – you can find all deals participating in the PAMPER14 promo here.


Reader comments

  • MrGrumpy
  • 04 Feb 2020
  • 0Fk

These are rubbish deals by eBay as usual. The participating sellers bump up the prices by 20% before the promo starts so the savings are minimal. Other sellers are much cheaper. For example, you can get a brand new Xperia 10 for less than GBP 180 yet...

  • AnonD-731363
  • 03 Feb 2020
  • SH3

Hmmmm 14% discount is not much. Fromm a 10 eur device is just 14 euros which isnt big deal. But i do understands tht for someone is more than enough. I am not living in UK and for past issues with Ebay they wont see me shopping anytime soon.

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