Edge will soon block non-essential Flash content on the page

Prasad, 10 April, 2016

Microsoft has announced that the future versions of Edge will be less tolerant to stray Flash content on web pages.

The browser will soon be updated to automatically pause all non-essential Adobe Flash content on the page; this includes animations and ads. Only essential content, such as videos and games will play automatically. This will reduce power consumption and improve performance, especially on tablets and ultrabooks.

Last year, Google announced a similar change in Chrome, and later dropped support for Flash ads entirely couple of months back.

Microsoft will be providing the updated version of Edge in the upcoming Windows 10 build 14316 onwards. The company is also encouraging web developers to move away from Flash and adopt more open web standards.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

It was technicall steve jobs that blamed flash.

  • flower

chorme starts to block adblock, edge starts blocking ads. still, on a win7 pc I tried the internet explorer. and I was surprised: explorer 10 is kind of slow, but it block ads better than adblock plus edge is cool, it works bad on slow pcs

  • Vinay Hankare

Totally useless browser i have ever used in my life. Being a youtuber edge sometimes ddoes not support youtube and it stop playing videos or does not sync audio with video. It gives me an error (Not Responding)