EE introduces Apple Music, TV+ and Arcade bundle

Michail, 02 September 2020

Last month we came across a report about Apple’s plan to offer its most popular services in packages. Now, UK carrier EE has begun bundling Apple Music, TV+ and Arcade for free alongside its Full Works plan for iPhone users. In addition, EE users with the lower tier Smart iPhone plan can select one of the aforementioned services free of charge.

Eligible Apple services
Eligible Apple services

EE clients with Android devices can also choose between BT Sports Ultimate, BritBox or Amazon Prime Video as part of the Smart Benefits add-ons. The Full Works plan starts at £69 paired with an iPhone 11 and three of the Apple services included. Buying all three services individually without the plan would cost £20 per month (£9.99 for Apple Music and £4.99 each for TV+ and Arcade).

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Selling out or just doing better than the slow pedestrian and regressive networks out there? Best speeds, best coverage and basically now ruling monopoly for being the best network to be on. Unless that is you just happen to live in a great location ...

  • Anonymous

wow ee really selling out now

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