Energizer Energy E241s

Energizer Energy E241s

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  • Anonymous

Miller79, 05 Sep 2021There is any way to flash the phone with Symbian OS ?You can't. And anyway why would you? Symbian is a discontinued operating system and KaiOS is many times better and has support for youtube, whatsapp and other apps

There is any way to flash the phone with Symbian OS ?

  • Vladimir Harkonnen

"My Location" function in Maps does not work. idk why they listed GPS as a function in the specs.

May i know how to disable auto lock screen?

there is no way to block any number

I'm interested in this phone, because in my country insanly cheap, actually the cheapest KaiOS based phone and cheaper then most "basic" smartphones. The things I like to know this phone:

- Have a good MP3 player? I mean making playist, sorting to albums, maybe sleep mode
- Have or can isntall some games? A Snake clone or similar logic games perfercly fine for me
- Have a good torch?
- I barly use my phone, but I wonder the battery time
- I can use my bluetooth heafphones with this phone?

  • King

King, 21 Apr 2021How to block some numbers call from energizer e214s. ......... moreHow I block call in energizer e214s

  • King

How to block some numbers call from energizer e214s. .......no option and no app


In general, considering the price of the phone, it is good and the worst part of it is the button, which is recorded twice in most cases.

At least you can use this phone as a 4G modem with the desired speed and reasonable price.

The browser and internet of this phone will meet your simple needs.

But WhatsApp is weaker than you think because it does not have call capability and does not support media over 8 mg and is only text-based.

But according to my investigation, I was able to make a video call with the site (Magno Call) with the browser of this phone.

Also note that the GPS of this phone does not work in practice.

And its voice assistant makes it easy to write with a feature phone

. The current Unwritten capabilities of this phone include Volte and Pdf Reder and barcode reader and RSS reader. The user interface is smooth and good for connections and gaming(Other than considering the problem of buttons), but it will be better in future updates, and new software features may be added to it, but the best update for this phone could be in the browser or the coming of the Opera browser.

Wierdly enough, this phone comes with Google Pixel/Nexus' ringtones

  • arep

Manish, 30 Dec 2020you can have for same price smartphone, don't lose you... moreYeah You right. but for some people are not suitable to use smartphone, that's why phone exist. Like my father more comfortable to use keypad phone. maybe it more simple to use.

  • an

its not mini sim its micro sim

  • Manish

you can have for same price smartphone, don't lose your time with this product

  • Manoj

L. C., 03 Apr 2020 - Decent affordable phone - Background: I'm a middle-ag... moreWhere I can buy this phone

  • Udaya Sharma

Does it have automatic call recording feature

Great phone for money. Seems faster than the Nokias and better battery stamina. The only downside is that this phone doesn't always have the settings for some carriers and you have to manually put in the APN settings. Once done fine. The Nokias seem to recognise every SIM card carrier I tried.

  • Muyeih

2 weeks of using,2 times get into mod pesawat automatically. What in the sky the phone get into mod pesawat in this covid time?

  • AS427

First day of use, initial impressions are positive.
Quickly made a software update over wi-fi. It seems external speaker is louder after this.
Easily imported all my 1447 Google Contacts, easy set-up of Gmail account in the KaiOs mail app.
Geolocation took some time lo locate me, but after this it works fine in Maps or weather.

  • Jaycyh

Nice screen,good battery life ,fast 4G LTE and signal lock-on. The KaiOS installed in this phone is MUCH FASTER AND MORE RESPONSIVE compared to the Nokia bananaphone or 2720 flip.
It's also cheaper.

I highly recommend it as a second phone , 4g WiFi hotspot or MP3 player . Cameras are too basic ,but that's okay.contacts can be imported from Google.

  • Jaycyh

Aussie, 12 Oct 2019If you really want a quality Kai OS phone then go for NOKIA. Disagree.this phone is better than the Nokia 8810 4g and the Nokia 27xx Flip ( I have all 3 phones ,I know what I am talking about )

Buying this energiser phone is better value as the KaiOS and the internet is faster compared to both Nokias. And it's so much cheaper too .

Only consider the Nokias for nostalgia and style.you want to maximise KaiOS potential,use this phone .