Energizer Hardcase H570S

Energizer Hardcase H570S

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If Energizer can make phones, why not Duracell?

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Nonononoki, 11 Feb 20191. Slow Mediatek SoC, probably won't get any updates 2. HD... morePower efficient SoC for 28nm that is, tough this chip from reputable brands do get security updates so saying no updates is false... Also yeah its a decent phone if the price is right but no flagship killer! V-V

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Danny, 29 May 2019Same as other (energizer phones) Cannot use e-banking (not... moreIs that why they no sell in Europe? OwO

  • Danny

Same as other (energizer phones)
Cannot use e-banking (not google approved), fake google clock, fake google calendar, even fake google play store, everything is fake!!
Do not buy!

  • Anonymous

Screen size and phone width don't add up

Looking at the stock photo I can't believe this phone has a 92.3% screen to body ratio.
Unless all the black parts of the "screen" around the sensor and camera and the chin are in fact an active screen but are not displayed in this photo!?!?

  • Nonononoki

1. Slow Mediatek SoC, probably won't get any updates
2. HD+ at 5.7 inches? Make the screen smaller or make it FHD+
3. Those bezels are huuuuuge
4. 2GB/16GB configuration in 2019?

And I was gettings excited for another compact phone. Buy the XZ1 Compact, best compact phone on the market right now, which is sad, because it was released in 2017.

92.3% screen to body ratio, higher than the Mi Mix 3!? Is that right??