Energizer Power Max P18K Pop

Energizer Power Max P18K Pop

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  • Marandi
  • CF}
  • 02 Feb 2024

Cyclonite, 18 Aug 2023Better yet, ask them to buy Unihertz TANK instead since tha... moreBattery long power duration smart phone and many more.

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    • Anonymous
    • 3SL
    • 29 Aug 2023

    The battery of this „phone“ has 18000mAh. I read somewhere that it also has 3.7 Volts. 18Ah * 3.7V = 66.6 Wh. The limit for flying with most airlines is a battery with 100 Wh. It is also the limit to which the battery of the 16 inch MacBook Pro is designed. This means the largest battery that can be built into a phone (without being banned from flying) is 100 Wh / 3.7 V ≈ 27000 mAh. After smartphone batteries have grown from 500 mAh in the Motorola 8000X, through 1500 mAh in the first smartphones and now 5000 mAh in most new smartphones (sometimes even higher like 6000/7000/8000 mAh), 27000 mAh will be the limit for smartphone batteries. Maybe when that number is reached, phones will start to get thinner and lighter again. But I‘m not sure because cameras keep growing too.

      justasmile, 16 Aug 2023If you ever see someone complaining about 'small'... moreBetter yet, ask them to buy Unihertz TANK instead since that phone comes with a 22,000mAh battery and it's actually for sale, unlike this one which was cancelled long time ago.

        Even Thanos thinks this phone is too thick

          If you ever see someone complaining about 'small' batteries, ask them to buy this phone.

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            • Vivo Fanboy
            • 7Pk
            • 07 Aug 2023

            This is the ugliest & worst looking phone ever, who in their own full mind, would buy something like this? I'm glad it got cancelled, otherwise thicc phones could've become an annoying trend thing

              Blud got cancelled for making big batteries💀

                Anonymous, 27 Apr 2023If you're texting while you are lying on your bed and ... moreneed a surgery too

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                  • 7y8
                  • 13 May 2023

                  I want to buy it I don't care how big it is as long as it runs smoothly and efficient like the black shark 5 pro but what would really sell is if it had customization you can buy for it and attach with a magnet like a mini projector, a nv camera, a controller for people that play games, a speaker, and maybe a small solar panel to charge the phone when you're on a hiking or camping trip. It has so much potential

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                    • C7Z
                    • 27 Apr 2023

                    Danish07, 12 Mar 2023What happen if it falls on face from 10 meter height?If you're texting while you are lying on your bed and this mobile falls in your face...it's gonna be a concussion for sure

                      What happen if it falls on face from 10 meter height?

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                        • sgP
                        • 07 Feb 2023


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                          • Anonymous
                          • SqB
                          • 21 Jan 2023

                          18w Charge for a 18k battery 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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                            • Anonymous
                            • XBA
                            • 16 Dec 2022

                            Nabil Januar, 12 Nov 2022This is not a smartphone. This is a smart power bank. 😂Lol

                              This is not a smartphone. This is a smart power bank. 😂

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                                • Sin
                                • pJw
                                • 19 Oct 2022

                                Blitzkit, 11 Oct 2022there will be a small market for people who likes long batt... moreYeah Energizer did kinda go overkill on battery size the battery is monstrous in size

                                Although it's not a bad smartphone it's just really thick and thicker than any other smartphone the OP battery size

                                It's kinda that Energizer was so focused on battery life and putting in extreme size battery
                                the size of the smartphone was too big for most people at the release date of this smartphone

                                I do wonder if it had of gone on sale really cheap like dirt cheap when they find out no-one is buying it

                                Would more of sold if a dirt cheap clearance sale happened?

                                It's sad this smartphone idea falled there a market for huge battery size like 6000mah-9000mah however this had 18000mah

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • ILE
                                  • 12 Oct 2022

                                  That's why it failed other companies couldn't compete, 😤

                                    there will be a small market for people who likes long battery life but nobody likes a 30mm thickness phone not ergonomic enough for your hands, you're just holding a sandwich phone.

                                    once you held it in your hands you'll probably say "oh now I know why it got cancelled"

                                    longer battery life was easily made solved through powerbanks.

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                                      • 4tf
                                      • 23 Sep 2022

                                      Zack, 23 Aug 2022Something in me kinda wishes this became a thing. It was am... moregood.

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                                        • Sin
                                        • 3ag
                                        • 15 Sep 2022

                                        This smartphone should have sold well

                                        Am trying too understand why it fall

                                        Probably pricing and hardware?

                                        Is there not a small market of people who want a full week of battery life on smartphones