Energizer Power Max P20

Energizer Power Max P20

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  • Hmmmmm

SIM = 2x Mini-SIM (not Nano-SIM)
Memory Card slot = (has dedicated slot, not shared with SIM slots)

My opinion:
On table, without SIM-s inserted stand-by time is ~12 weeks.
With 1x SIM inserted, in use, stand-by time is ~3-4 weeks.

Annoying is that hitting 1 or 9, even with key lock on, starts making emergency call.
If you hit any other button, if key lock is on, it lights up screen and tells to hold "*" to unlock keys. But this lighting up screen takes battery and on night time is quite common to have trouser pocket lighten up all the time, probably on day time also, just not visible then.
So probably if manufacturer can re-programm for "GEN-2" so that if key lock is on, it wont make emergency calls and wont lighten up the screen for every button (maybe only for 1..2 buttons) - then probably stand by would be 8 weeks or so and I would buy it again.

I got this one for my dad because he only needs a phone to make calls and send SMS, that has big screen and big, easy to read buttons. And this one was perfect. Didn't expect it to be quite this thick, because it's really thick phone and basically as big as my iPhone XR in other dimensions, but most of that bulk is absolutely stupendously huge battery. It's so big it's been almost a month now and he still has around half of the battery left. Absolutely insane. Camera is pretty bad, but it makes photos and that's about it. Oh and this has to be the first mobile phone that literally has 1 melody for ringing and 1 for SMS alerts. I've never seen anything like it lol. You can transfer your own on it though, but it was still funny to see. Oh and has a full sized USB port so the phone can act as a powerbank, so you can charge other devices from it. Pretty neat :)

  • MEdhat

does this Phone record voice call and does it has sound recorder ?

This phone is pretty much a polar opposite of the Alcatel 10.16

Nickname (optional), 17 Dec 2018I bough this and was disgusted at the fact that Energizer h... moreWhat do you expect for a phone with a 4000mAh battery? You can't fit that in an average-size feature phone.

  • Ahmd Ashamy

Amazing battery. This phone will be the best choice to second phone that only for calling and messages. I like it

  • Nickname (optional)

I bough this and was disgusted at the fact that Energizer had mislead me on the actual size of it. The marketing material fooled me into thinking it was an average sized phone. It's not - It's a phone with buttons big enough your grandmother can read without her glasses! The phone is HUGE.

A 4000mAH battery on a feature phone. There's no reason HMD Global shouldn't do this as well. They're still using the same BL-5C battery from over a *DECADE* ago on their feature phones being made today!

Where exactly can I purchase this? Very interested.

  • John Paul III

This phone is sensational!! 744hr standby!?

Basically its a portable charger for your main phone, but if you're stuck you can still make texts and calls. This will be a great backup to my P20 Pro (the best phone to buy on the market).

Not another feature phone...! :(

  • Bewok

Add simcard and a ringing powerbank is born

  • Ralse

Sonim phones have better autonomy and are extremely rugged, what's so special about this phone? It's years behind

  • Funnyboyy

Wow can't wait for this to hit shelves!!!! So excited

  • AnonD-743351

I am a HUGE fan of such phones! Samsung GT-B2710 - 3G, Nokia 3310 3G, etc etc etc!
When a new one comes out I AM HAPPY AF! It looks GOOD and has 4000 mAh battery.
BUT WHAT IS THIS? A JOKE??? A new 2G ONLY phone in 2018??? With no IP certification??? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!
More and more networks are 3G and 4G only so this device is not usable! Nice BUT USELESS!

Anonymous, 08 May 2018I would have been interested in this IF it never had a stup... moreWhy would that keep you from buying it? You don't have to use it..

  • Anonymous

Those wanna get an Android wifi tablet can consider this as your main phone for calls and smses.

  • Curious

Have any of you guys ever found this type of old style button phone from any brand with at least 8gb internal memory? Better to be 16gb. Just curious.

  • Abhishek

Perfect secondary phone...
No need to carry a Powerbank and secondary phone seperately. This does both at one shot.

Hope it comes to India for about 1000₹ or lesser

  • Anonymous

Shameem, 08 May 2018What is the special features of this one??lots of power, little consumption