Energizer Ultimate U505s

Energizer Ultimate U505s

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SEE I COMPARED LG G2 FLAGSHIP FROM 10YEARS AGO and it has same battery, better camera, better selfie camera, better processor,

    5000 MaH is standard now. Less than 4200 MaH is a crime. Energizer released an 80$ phone with 3000 MaH and the competitors have 4200 MaH (moto e20), And 5000 Mah (redmi A1) i dont get why energizer Makes lower batteries than competitors like 3000 MaH vs 4000 MaH bruv imagine in the world where battery companies release weaker batteries than like a clothing company like Energizer your job in the phone market is make the best batteries in ur phones like 8000 MaH and your bought some chinese crap and sold it for expencive: EnergiZer heres idea for your 80$ phone iknow your not the best in phones you dont need to: Here specs: 6000 MaH battery 13 MPX triple camera 5mpx selfie Waterdrop notch or Samsung S8-stylle display with a bit larger bezels to make the phone cheaper Mediatek Helio A25 or Helio A20 cheap materiels and multitouch 5 touch NFC and 2/32 combination

      This phone actually notched. But look it's not.

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        • ada
        • 6v@
        • 01 Dec 2022

        mid range specs 10 years ago

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          • Adul Al Salami Kebab
          • gx$
          • 11 Apr 2022

          I have a 80$ phone in 2018 that had 4000mAh battery, 2GB RAM and 8MP sony camera + a 5.45inch screen instead of just 5inch! What do you get here? 2 more cameras that doesn't work?!!

            • Yext
            • 6mM
            • 15 Mar 2022

            5.0 megapixel instead of 5 to make it look like it's 50mp, sneaky and shitty.