Ericsson A2618

Ericsson A2618

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  • sathar

my ericsson A2618 is not workig becouse
its batery damaged so please inform me to
that mkodels batery avilable in india and kerala with autherised service partner

  • Eldine

Can you get ring tone put into these phones

  • faceof

oki doki pi4

  • cristian

It,s a very good phone,but it,s too big.

  • naj

dis is a shit fone bluds!

  • william

This is not really a small or an elegant phone, but it was cheap when I bought it and I really love it. The software & user interface are very well designed, with attention for the smallest details, which makes it easy, handy and pleasant to use. When I compare it to Nokia or Siemens phones, I'm very sure my next mobile will be an Ericsson again. Though a smaller one, this time.

  • Lou D

I suppose this phone is alright, but it's a bit bulky to carry around all the time. On a more positive note, it's is a lot cheaper than a nokia. It's gr8!

  • Clare

I have 1 but I can't find ringtones anywhere & thats really MEAN!!!!!

  • James

I had this phone and it was okay.. while it lastest.. half of the buttons stopped working and it was always freezing... it was about 4 months old.

  • awaisbutt

please send me ring tones

  • Brian Hodgkinson

The phone works well, never had any problems with mine. Replacement covers are expensive.

  • Ben Hilario

I got my A2618 last December second-hand. The problem with the unit is the battery meter. It doesn't give an accurate representation of how much power is left. More than once the phone reported nearly full power but after sending a few text messages (less than 10) and a three-minute voice call, I got a low battery warning. Is this a problem with the A2618 or is it just with my phone? If it is the latter, can i still have it repaired? where can i bring the phone in Metro Manila (Philippines) for service? Thanks for any help you can give. By the way I already replaced the battery. It still doesn't give me the claimed talktime and standby time.

  • Andrius

I have it

  • Richard Latham

Nice replacement for my Nokia 8210 which has developed screen faults and so I decided to buy an A2618 which isn't quite as small as the 8210 but it seems more reliable.

  • persh

shit shit shit. its gigantic,terribly slow on every very slow to react,verry heavy n waste of money

  • Mazz

Shit, shit SHIT!!!
Bad CPU, BIG, easy burning recharge chip etc.
don't buy it

  • ilker

how is internet sites or prodrams to send my a2618 phone.... please help me... ok?

  • slavo

A very good,useful and friendly tool that has no problems except for the light.It falshes or not flashes while charging but it's not so bad deal.Good value for good price.

  • jonathan owen

please can any one tell me how to fix the keys on my phone because they dont work,
i have some torque keys and also my phone is out of warranty

  • Ferdie

It's a great phone to have even though it is bulky but it has a stylish cover that can go with the mood of the owner, I really like it, it is a God given cellphone to me