Ericsson GA 318

Ericsson GA 318

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  • Niels

Great Phone and still working! Quality you can`t find today.

  • baba

it s my first mobile phone

  • Anonymous

Richard Partner's cell as seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • andy kaa

The battery is five AA elements connected sequentially. So it is possible to "rebuild" it with modern 2800mAh elements.

Long live the king!

  • AnonD-517463

i have one but no charger and i dont know where should i find one
icheck already ebay amazon nothing there

  • Anonymous

Ive figured it out, it was locked to a provider. Now comes the tricky part, how to unlock it.

  • Anonymous

I have this, and the battery is still fine, but it says put in sim, could it be it is locked? Any advise?

  • Ananda71

Probably older than me :D

  • Anonymous

kashif hussain, 16 Apr 2012this phone is forever, if anyone have this phone still, i w... morei have it but i dont have a charger!!! :D

  • kashif

mumbaitalker, 21 Apr 2012This was my first phone, way back in 1998. I still have it... morehi,

Hope u doing well,

I just need to know u still have Ericsson 318 with u.

waiting for your prompt reply.

  • mumbaitalker

This was my first phone, way back in 1998.
I still have it. I remember that the reception was good. Terrible for SMS, though.

  • kashif hussain

this phone is forever, if anyone have this phone still, i will purchase it

  • andrei

I had this phone, and if I remember correctly it was my first!... I remember I could hurt anybody with it... big and heavy :))

  • S-man

The phone weigh nothing.. Once you took the battery off. I remember my brother owned this. Heavy, solid and thick.

  • Gue ganteng

My first cellphone back to 95, very simple and cheap....not bad at all

  • kashif arain

Ericsson Ga 318 is one of the best fone in age of 90 century,I bought it in 1998 and i love to use this ericsson ga318 in 2oth century also.

  • Anonymous

Hmmm, cool phone but the screen is way too small to see anything and is a little bit too big for me though.

  • george

I bought one two months ago [used],works good but i think the speaker is no loud enough... Is that normal ? I had the same experience with my GA 628 as well...

  • Erkki Lehtimäki

How can you reset the PIN-code of the phone?
I got one but can't open it because nobody knows the PIN-code of the phone!

  • Steven

My first ever phone!!!! A Brick, but I was just glad to have one back then... did what it said made calls