Ericsson R310s

Ericsson R310s

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  • old dog

i still have this. bought the aqua green color but have it's case changed to orange when i got back in manila. :)

  • Philip Penkov

When i turn 7 years old my Father gift me this phone. I was so happy, this phone is practically indestructible :)

  • Puh

It is called "Hajen" in Sweden. It means The Shark beacuse its antena which looks like a shark's fin. :)

  • Anonymous

Nel, 06 Jun 2014Where can i buy Ericsson R310s?ı'm okey, usd 500

  • Rady

adith, 28 Mar 2014where place to insert simcard?? help me..Under the battery , can no miss it , pull down to release the flipping sim card housing

  • Nel

Where can i buy Ericsson R310s?

  • adith

where place to insert simcard?? help me..

  • AnonD-239022

I have one..but just charger and this phone only..

  • Erick

How can I get it? And what about the price?

  • AnonD-194461

its Amazed me coz the only one mobile phone that was i ever had can wash with water without worried. Nice Outdoor mobile phone

  • Anonymous

doc, 05 Jun 2013 Thank you !!!

  • doc

Hi, 24 May 2013Where to get this

  • Hi

stevo, 14 May 2013Ive got 2 of these babies, a yellow and a orange one... I a... moreWhere to get this

  • CC

I bought what I believed was a refurbished copy of this phone in 2007. When it worked, it was good, with clear sound. Plus, the "shark fin" antenna was an eye-catcher.

But, more often it didn't work. Incoming and outgoing calls couldn't register. And opening the battery compartment was a bitch. After a year of unreliable service, I gave up on this phone.

I still like its design, though.

  • stevo

Ive got 2 of these babies, a yellow and a orange one... I always take one out mountain biking just in case.. brilliant phones.

  • Samoo

How I can to get one from this mobile ?

  • AnonD-109839

I love this phone, how much is it and how do I how messages

  • Anonymous

i buy it! now..

  • Anonymous

titor, 19 Feb 2012i hoppe the ericsson r310 born again...i waitingyour wishes have come true have alook at the active and go?

  • Faruq

how can I get one, please send me email (