Ericsson R380

Ericsson R380

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  • IPhoneSE2Confirmed

Note: I’m still FlexiblePhonesPlz. I just changed my name.

There’s one thing these specs are missing

It doesn’t say the OS
it runs EPOC32 release 5 (would later be renamed to Symbian OS)
Proof? Here’s what it says on Wikipedia
2000 — The Ericsson R380 is released with EPOC32 Release 5, marking the first use on a phone of what's to become known as Symbian OS (as of Release 6).

Mine's still in mint condition though it sometimes has some touch issues in the right bottom corner of the screen. Other than that it's a really awesome phone.

  • SE

Still got my R380 with it's original battery (that also houses the stylus).
There are signs of the time on it especially the screen that has some pixels that stopped working.
Else the R380 still going strong.
My R380 was delivered with an table stand for charging and computer sync.

  • Aadrian

Lol in the specs list:

Resolution - Big

  • Anonymous

awesome phone

  • Daniel

Stil got mine & working strong
Great machine

  • AnonD-695237

Used one back in the early naughties. Back then the phone was way ahead of its time. Few phones could match the features the r380 had

  • mrbeir

i had oen i love dit it worked ..took it overseas it worked .
email wap ..LOL..ballistic writing was awesome could join conference calls etc had the chippery .
still miss it .
great form factor .Looks like a phone but what ... it was super-phone

  • donrapheal


  • me

first symbian!

Ericsson R380s VS. N, 19 Aug 2001Ericsson R380s is (best) but Nokia 9210 is (BETTER)!!!.Comments from the millenium is so funny. This must be what it felt like when future generation reads our comments. "This phone is better than that phone!" Lol. Oh, wait. Back then human dont use LOL. I mean, hahahaha. Future people probably using emojis. Sorry, gsmarena havent support emojis, not even in 2016.

  • AnonD-283018

still better than iphone

  • AnonD-401972

i love this i am a student a i want this to experience pda goodness and wap on monochrome screen to check my facebook account,wait facebook for this.but it's only used to check your email or some yahoo,wait another modern age.simply amazing.but it's archaic or obsolete for a modern time or today.

  • 21

Still have working one. Very good phone...

  • Calin

I just can't imagine this phone having a browser.

  • averhielle

ERICSSON, 17 Aug 2014This was the truly first functional smartphone with a truly OS!!!a symbian OS monophone!

  • kostandin

I had this back on 2000, it was the peak of technology that time, i used it till 2003 when my ex-gf throw it at me, thank god without any luck, and hit the wall, it was its last day! But i still remember the day i bought it!!

  • Anonymous

The Simon wasn't a Smartphone, just lacked a keypad and had a touchscreen

Albeit the first Smartphone was nokia 9000 on 1997


kemi242, 16 Feb 2014No. The IBM Simon predates it by 6 years.This was the truly first functional smartphone with a truly OS!!!

  • Colum

No it wasn't first. IBM Simon was erlier ;)