Ericsson SH 888

Ericsson SH 888

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  • Anonymous
  • Ibx
  • 04 Jul 2023

Don't buy it.

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    • The Swede
    • m}Z
    • 15 Jul 2020

    Was given SH888 by neighbor years ago, never used it. Decided to give it a go after 15 years (2020) little battery didn't seem to work, bought big one (hard to source but they do still exist). Deciphered pin-code (logical thinking, duh...) It works! Big battery is better in the hand, ergonomics are good, can operate in one hand, good sound, pleasant to use. Bulky, heavy, yes, but solid. My Nokia Banana is great, but fiddly ergonomics, sound no better, battery-life is far superior, of course, more bells and whistles but I don't need them anyway. I should have made the effort earlier, the SH is a VERY good phone, all I need.

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      • anonym
      • mdA
      • 18 Jan 2016

      question what are missing on the ericsson sh888 if you get it in original ...
      the oem should activate simple 3 options on each phone
      and the phoneaddressregister with
      the portaladdress from www ericson
      plus call free id from ericsson to send you the configuration
      if you click on the www line must you can read the ericsson portal from sh888 and if you has enough info load your free menue via call
      -- sorry the pc tastatur write some letter no OR wrong

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        • anonym
        • mdA
        • 18 Jan 2016

        Anonymous, 05 Feb 2012Where can I unlock this phone ? I have this phone locked on... morechange your simcard ...
        the kill the mongos and her suspect mean

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          • anonym
          • mdA
          • 18 Jan 2016

          Lukino, 30 May 2012my second mobile phone, loved it soo much! When I used it i... moredid you know the imei code from your moile ericsson sh888 if would to do something via the manifacture and his link and file under stolen lost from find up to clear

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            • AnonD-155544
            • m9C
            • 26 Aug 2014

            This phone has OK battery life but not amazing compared to Nokia and the call quality is fine. Considering its brick like build the durability is not amazing the phone having considerable chunks nicked out the side after a concrete slip. Overall is a very good phone if all you want is basic.

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              • Stian
              • pcI
              • 13 Aug 2013

              I still got mine. It is a beloved phone.

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                • Roderick
                • nEm
                • 27 Dec 2012

                My first mobile phone, bought 1998. been in almost continuous use since! - last few years as a 'location' phone in the caravan against theft of van (where's my phone?). Now back i9n use in the car as a backup. Does just what I want, makes and receives phone calls. Best phone ever.

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                  • anthony
                  • pVE
                  • 24 Nov 2012

                  i searching a new sh888 can everybody help me please


                  regards anthony

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                    • divoram
                    • BRv
                    • 24 Nov 2012

                    It's true! A great phone...and a good irda internet connection for that time!

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                      • Diana
                      • pXB
                      • 28 Oct 2012

                      Hey I have one of this! It was great and it is desblocked :b love ittttt

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                        • Lukino
                        • nNs
                        • 30 May 2012

                        my second mobile phone, loved it soo much! When I used it in university, in 1999, to connect my notebook to internet via irda, people looked at me like I was doing black magic! Too bad it was stolen after only one year...

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                          • AnonD-52476
                          • KiX
                          • 28 Apr 2012

                          You're my first mobile/business phone in the early of this millennium, about 12 years ago. And now, you're became my memory because I've sold U in early 2004. Oh my gentle ERICSSON, where r u now? T_T I love U and ur 'three nice blue simplify lines' mark. You've just being a name now, following a brand name of a populer Japan consumers product; SONY. Why not 'ERICSSONY'?

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                            • Anonymous
                            • MNT
                            • 05 Feb 2012

                            Where can I unlock this phone ? I have this phone locked on Austrian network which shutted down.

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                              • Oldskool
                              • nu6
                              • 28 Jan 2011

                              I whish I kept the phone as backup. You'd get some looks pulling out in 2011. The backlit buttons that couldn't rub out were great. Built like a sherman tank. I programmed star wars as a ring tone - it took bloody ages.

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                                • MC
                                • 3pa
                                • 06 Sep 2010

                                Had this phone when I was in the emergency services. Got the S&*t knocked out of it on more occassions than I care to remember and it still carried on working. It was a fantastic phone in it's day and is still a nice size phone.
                                I actually found it in my loft last week all complete (charger, spare battery, manual, serial data lead, car charger and even the chatboard/kayboard. Turned it on, and what do you know the phone actually switched ON!!! after 5 years of sitting in the loft, the battery was showing 2 bars left. I travel quite a bit now so I need a tri-band (mainly to the US) phone otherwise I would be tempted to start using this again :-)

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                                  • Sam
                                  • mhD
                                  • 21 Mar 2010

                                  This phone was bloody fantastic. Unlike Sony Ericsson, you never had to worry about an Ericsson phone being rugged or not. It would always survive a hit or a splash. I used to throw this phone across the office floor whenever I got upset, and it'd make it. One time it got stuck in the ceiling due to the antenna. However, it all came to a sad end when I once dropped it by accident on its microphone. Apparently, that was its Achilles heel!

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • ttv
                                    • 13 Dec 2009

                                    best mobile

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                                      • div
                                      • nxJ
                                      • 22 Oct 2009

                                      Better than the I phone. . .

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                                        • Sverre Helgesen
                                        • m}D
                                        • 13 Apr 2007

                                        Superb phone. For those who need a phone and not a mobile discotec the SH 888 is the biz. Made of diecast alloy it is robust, it is reliable, the sound is good, the antenna recieves weak signals well. Battery life isn't to modern standards but at 4 1/2 hours talk time and 80 standby it has stood me well enough. Never had a problem. They made quality in those days. Wish they still made it.