Ericsson T10s

Ericsson T10s

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  • cristian

i have a good opinion about this phone but i don`t have the money necesary to buy it.

  • Pauchnecht Edward

Ericsson T10s is a very good mobile phone.

  • Mox

i have it and it's ok :)))


why off/on on T10 and T18 when u touch keYpad sometimes

  • Elliot

Hallo.Can u send me more information about thi phone.I`ts cool.Thats the one I want

  • Laima

I can use my EricssonT10s just about 2 days (after recharging). I am making about 2-3 short calls per day. Is it normal? (I bought a new battery one month ago).

  • aurimas

i love that phone. ericsson t-10s.!!!!

  • aurimas

ericsson t-10s. i need inctrukcions

  • Anonymous

i love it, but the paint on the cover vanishes!

  • Parvin Tarafdar

Hi, Can I see T10 colours catelouge please.Is T10s & T10 I bid for auction is the same? Do we get the sim card with the set.Will it be functionaly on when we get?

  • seby

it the best phone

  • KEL


  • Asta Nissilš

i have ericsson t10s and i have been very happy about it! thank you ericsson!

  • me

bad phone...

in battery life
in melody composer
in it's antenna and flip

  • Sally Opany

I'd like to know more about the prices and how I can obtain one or more.I live in Kampala Uganda

  • SVP

T10s upgrading to T18 - somebody did it. Can they give reference where to get it done?


The phone has a problem with the display as it keeps on failing and power keeps on switching on and off regulary

  • vanja

T10s is the greatest ...........
realy its absolutely perfect !!!!!!!

  • Eric

It's a fucking stone. As heavy as my mother-in-law. I hate it but it's so cheap...

  • adrian

how money do this phone?