Ericsson T20s

Ericsson T20s

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  • Bapu
  • 7kg
  • 04 Feb 2022

I love Ericsson T20

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    • Anonymous
    • 0TF
    • 13 Oct 2019

    I still have one. I really have one till now

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      • Tjay
      • LfW
      • 02 Jan 2013

      imus, 16 Jan 2012It was my first cell phone, and my girlfriend lost it after... moreLook the from there you will found one !

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        • Dude2012
        • Gfu
        • 13 Apr 2012

        imus, 16 Jan 2012It was my first cell phone, and my girlfriend lost it after... morewas my first phone .it had a brown chocolate theme color ,used it until i then sold it to my best friend

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          • mani
          • i55
          • 19 Jan 2012

          i had this one,it was my 2ND OR 3RD phone..the first one was siemens m30 i cant forget it....times are gone..

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            • imus
            • Qxp
            • 16 Jan 2012

            It was my first cell phone, and my girlfriend lost it after she borrow for one reason.. T20s the phone that will not forget from my memories, at this day I try to buy it but it hard to find, even now I use blackberry 9780 onix 2, I still say my T20 always in my heart..

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              • Apple_juice
              • LaN
              • 28 Apr 2011

              I still use mine to this day. Ill never get rid of it. So simple and so robust. I love it to bits!

              Ericsson T20 ROCKS!!!!!!!!

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                • BongaD South Africa
                • fqq
                • 25 Mar 2011

                I really love this phone. It was my first phone in year 2000 and I has the most advanced phone in school, never mind that it was so sexy and appealing. I wouldn't mind getting it to keep as a souvenir. Loved it.

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                  • Aiemanz
                  • PS6
                  • 07 Aug 2010

                  I got one during my study 7-8 yrs ago. It keep myself felt much advance than any other people that time...speaking 'bout its features. :-) t20s aka known frog phone.

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                    • lisa
                    • 9GQ
                    • 26 May 2010

                    wat was it like havin this phone

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                      • john
                      • mqT
                      • 10 Mar 2010

                      ponnle, 20 Sep 2005user friendly. i have been using it for the past five years... moreyour sim card must be old they are automaticly switched off just get a new sim regards john

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                        • martikush
                        • ni3
                        • 12 Nov 2009

                        I had this too - the lime one
                        since that time I had nearly 10 phones and none of them was good enough! I would never have others unless somebody wouldn't stolen my sweet little lime... :(
                        maybe some day I will buy one from ebay ;)

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 3xm
                          • 15 Oct 2009

                          maybe the best phone of that time... I had one- nostalgy...

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                            • seasprite
                            • pJg
                            • 15 Aug 2009

                            i had one of these! It was so dinky and had a really strong signal, my I loved that little phone!

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                              • mark
                              • QuD
                              • 29 Jun 2009

                              i still have this phone but the problem is that is only charges when am in jamaica lol

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                                • S
                                • S7x
                                • 26 May 2009

                                This is my first phone. I have the Silver Weave color. It is a great phone. Sturdy, strong signal, enormous battery life... Overall - 10/10 for its time. :)

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                                  • Sami
                                  • fqy
                                  • 05 Apr 2009

                                  My 3rd Phone after Sagem & T10s

                                  Ericsson is the best.. i still have this phone but unfortunately it doesnt work :( got problem with charging... Even after full chargin, as soon as i unplug the charger, the battery display keep on moving up n down ( as if its on charge) . I have even purchase a new battery, but the problem continued:(

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                                    • Christine Kayondo
                                    • NHH
                                    • 27 Mar 2009

                                    Ericssion T18s and T20s

                                    The best of all phones in the world. T20s is my second phone in life and T18s my first phone in life, but not on market any more. Please send them we who know much about them prefer them to many types of phone. Kindly continue manufacturing them for us, we shall buy them.



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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 0x7
                                      • 26 Mar 2009

                                      sharqy, 31 Jan 2009really a fun phone. had the white & blue phone when i was i... moreDo you know how many this phones i had 18 pieces just one left other are sold

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                                        • ericssonlover
                                        • 0x7
                                        • 26 Mar 2009

                                        My 18th phone but the best one.