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  • Sanu
  • nCa
  • 22 Aug 2022

My first phone.... 🥰 2000 year.

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    • Anonymous
    • uuM
    • 12 Sep 2020

    This was my first phone too and I still have it but perhaps it's not working

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      • Anonymous
      • mL7
      • 03 Feb 2015

      AnonD-313120, 28 Sep 2014where can i buy again this phone couse this is my lucky phoneyou can buy it on eBay :)

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        • AnonD-313120
        • IVR
        • 28 Sep 2014

        where can i buy again this phone couse this is my lucky phone

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          • Colin
          • sXJ
          • 19 Aug 2014

          Maddie, 13 Jul 2011This was my first mobile and my favourite. I had it in blue... moreYes. My first phone too. Absolutely loved it. The simple happy years.

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            • nik
            • Xrx
            • 29 May 2014

            Without a doubt the most chic, elegant phone for it's day. I still have one and will find a battery to start using it again, for just a phone and text.

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              • nikosgtgranturismo5
              • 0Vi
              • 25 Oct 2013

              very ugly phone

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                • George
                • NhJ
                • 27 Sep 2013

                This is phone is great ,, i had 2 of them

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                  • Anonymous
                  • mTv
                  • 15 Sep 2013

                  john24, 04 Feb 2013i've bought it yesterday, after a long long time of searchi... moreHy. What nokia battery did u use?

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                    • i hate fruits
                    • XMi
                    • 13 Aug 2013

                    I just bumped to a brand new t28s (and r320s) which happened to be an old replacement phone. both are made in sweden, both are functioning without any issues. oh my god, I threw my tab and l#mia instantly.. I wish ericsson will comeback again in near future with their sleek classy gadgets.

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                      • john24
                      • 0U3
                      • 04 Feb 2013

                      i've bought it yesterday, after a long long time of searching :) and it really made me happy. but the problem was... i didn't know if it was working, so i went home and the battery wasn't charging at all. finally, i've made some changes, and used a nokia battery. I'll just see in time if it can be used normaly cause now when i put it to be charged, it recognises that is a different battery tipe. it's one of my favourite's phones too :D

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                        • AnonD-54341
                        • Bw@
                        • 11 May 2012

                        Gavin, 12 Jul 2010Hi, I loved this phone back in the day when I still had one... moreCheck this this seller on ebay, I bought one from them it looks fantastic and almost new.


                          • k
                          • kamigul
                          • 4xa
                          • 29 Mar 2012

                          Maddie, 13 Jul 2011This was my first mobile and my favourite. I had it in blue... morego to celluarmeg 623 for 3usd

                            • B
                            • Babyfacey
                            • MVg
                            • 23 Jan 2012

                            This was a brilliant phone, i had this in the year 2000. i paid 280 pounds for it on payg. but it was worth it at the time, then sony erricson come out after then they went rubbish. Its all about iphones and blackberry now.....

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                              • AnonD-22441
                              • m7G
                              • 17 Sep 2011

                              I had one of these back in May 2000 when my old Siemens C25 went into the water. Never regretted buying one. Just an awesome phone. Despite having an iPhone and a Nokia e90, I just bought a new one off of eBay from a seller in China. He's got a ton, they're refurbished and look new. Comes with battery and charger. $30 with free shipping gets you one.

                              Can't wait to party like it's 1999! ;)

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                                • Maddie
                                • nEW
                                • 13 Jul 2011

                                This was my first mobile and my favourite. I had it in blue and wish I could find one to replace it.

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                                  • me
                                  • fsC
                                  • 13 Jul 2011

                                  gord, 18 Nov 2010I loved this phone. I wish I could find one today.i have one, i want R700

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • kxF
                                    • 10 May 2011

                                    I use this cellphone I think it have class because it 12 years old and very fun games witch are not on the newer cellphone and it does all the rest a cellphone need to do!
                                    So I THINK IT one of the best cellphone!!

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                                      • Melmoth
                                      • 0hF
                                      • 09 Apr 2011

                                      I bought one in about 2000, in San Francisco, CA. Still powers up, Contacts lists, etc are still intact. Do any phone carriers in Northern California still support this phone. I have a 3G iPhone, but I often want to carry just a phone that is light, rugged, and reliable. Thanks in advance.

                                      ps: I charged the battery today and tried to make a call (had the old Sim card in there) - it tells me that there is a Sim Card Error every time I dial a phone number.

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                                        • indra
                                        • KiX
                                        • 19 Jan 2011

                                        i have one, t68 one, t39 otwo