Ericsson T28s

Ericsson T28s

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  • geert

Though it's a great phone, beautifull and smart, he's very slow with the software, a shame

  • firuz

i would like to know how to operate my
hide number during i call someone on my t28 handphone

  • Igor Novkovic

The best phone in the whole wide world!!!!

  • kurt

i think its cool...better than nokia.

  • Zec

My T28s is the BEST mobile telephone.But
i'm not happy with a flip open button.I will change my phone with T29s,but not with money.

  • Timmy

my t28 is very good!!!! but isco's fon is the best!!!!!!!

  • gaurav puri

The slimest phone i have ever used, it does not have WAp, nor t9 text input, so what it is the slimest ever made and apprediated by us. Talk in style

  • cobra

I think that T28 is a good gsm phone. But! I am not happy with a flip open button! It semms that it is not properly made. I don't know for how long it will last, but I'm sure: Not too long!

  • Herpton

pura e simplesmente fant√°stico.
tudo de bom, e sem nada para criticar

  • azly satr

i need some diffrent wallpaper on my mobile..plz

  • Rob

Holds signal well, great little design, nice easy-to-use menus. The battery is tiny, but only holds charge for a couple of days even with only light use...

  • tony

good looker,easy tone composer.thats the good points.does not hold the charge,signal from both 1to1 and voda shit.not that impressed at all and i paid £100 for it.

  • stuart

I am not too happy with the reception (I am with orange) but during calls I can hear a sort of digital signal (like morse code) and it is annoying
as I am not used to it (I previously owned a t10s).
Also the aerial seems a little bit shaky, not like falling off but just not totally solid.
any clarifications welcome cheers