Ericsson T29s

Ericsson T29s

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  • J
  • John
  • 01 Nov 2002

What is the price of this phone in $?

    • D
    • Dennis Martis
    • 01 Nov 2002

    Attn : To whom it may concerned,

    I have a T29s ERICSSON cellular phone, I had so fun with this phone until unfortunately the display
    got blank, I need a replacement for the display badly.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Best regard

      • M
      • Magi-X
      • 07 Oct 2002

      sorry to say this but there are a lot of mistakes about the t29s. i've got this mobile so i know it.

      stand by is 106h and talk 5h

      there are 5 games not 4

      only 200 nrs in phone memory

        • f
        • frederic
        • 04 Oct 2002

        have you product a chat board for this phone?

          • G
          • Gerry
          • 04 Oct 2002

          What idiot decided to leave out an IR port? Other than that its pretty good.

          PS: Fire the person that left out the IR port

            • M
            • Morpheu
            • 28 Sep 2002

            the t29 is a very good phone,a ligt and easy to use handset.I like it even if i like nokia best.I must mention that i didn't had any problems with it.probably i got luky.

              • f
              • fisap nurhuri
              • 26 Sep 2002

              send me one in a free charge
              here is my address if you would like to send me one in free:
              Geography Department
              Social Science of Universitas Negeri Semarang, Jl Sekaran, Gunungpati, Semarang, Indonesia

                • g
                • guru
                • 16 Sep 2002

                hey am a one of ur customer in india , i don't know about this handset is very bad , i hate the t29s model , what u think u about that wireeless.

                  • v
                  • visari
                  • 05 Sep 2002

                  i love t29

                    • B
                    • Bertin
                    • 02 Sep 2002

                    i'have some matters! how to save sms melody in my ericsson t29s and which melody's format I can use?
                    Thank you!

                      • g
                      • gypsy
                      • 20 Aug 2002

                      anyone had probs charging this phone for the first time?? I've got one that's been charging for nearly 2 hrs and still no battery meter coming up and can't even turn on the phone.... is that normal?

                        • u
                        • ujer
                        • 20 Aug 2002

                        Great phone!!! before i used A2618s,R320s and they're all good but this one is the greatest. ericsson rules...

                          • l
                          • le duy tam
                          • 14 Aug 2002

                          data for Ericssion

                            • H
                            • Honggo Wijaya
                            • 10 Aug 2002

                            I am using my own T29s. It feels so good to use it, the clean look of display with not so bright colour on it. The small yet so simple appearance gives it best performance along many cell phones. I am glad that Ericsson create with their imagination such a cell phone. Thank you Ericsson...

                              • R
                              • Ric
                              • 09 Aug 2002

                              I swapped a T28 for the T29s but kept the wafer-thin battery. Aaahh, such a neat little thing.

                                • G
                                • Gabriel
                                • 05 Aug 2002

                                I had Nokia, Alcatel, Philips but Ericsson is the best. T29 has a beautiful design and good features, it's perfect for me. The battery last 6 days with 2 hours calling...overall it'a a very good phone. Nokia is a bullshit, i'll never buy another Nokia, even it's allmost for free...

                                  • m
                                  • moo
                                  • 31 Jul 2002

                                  Is the battery life good on this phone? Anyone who has it, please feel free to comment.

                                    • t
                                    • thomas lionel
                                    • 13 Jul 2002

                                    bonsoir ou peiut on telecharger un logo pour T29s merciM Thomas

                                      • d
                                      • daniel richardson
                                      • 13 Jul 2002

                                      i have just bought the fone and i absolutely love it! A bargain

                                        • M
                                        • Markus
                                        • 12 Jul 2002

                                        appreciate some help!!
                                        1.How can I block a number??
                                        2.How can I have the phone set up that after three rings the voice answering is activated?
                                        Thanks lots for any advice