Essential Phone will get a firm release date within a week, the company announces

Vlad, 09 August 2017

The saga of the Essential Phone's release continues. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal today, company representatives promised to finally reveal the actual release date of the handset within the next week. That does not mean the product will be available in seven days or less, mind you - that's just a time frame for telling us exactly when to expect it to hit the streets.

That's certainly good news, but you may remember that Essential's promise in May at the unveiling event for the phone was to ship it within 30 days of that moment. That obviously hasn't happened, and now we're more than two months removed from that point. Understandably, the hype surrounding the Essential Phone is starting to die down, especially with big releases coming up in the next month or so - the Galaxy Note8, the iPhone 8, the LG V30, even the Nokia 8.

The Essential Phone is already up for pre-order at Best Buy, and the company today confirmed that the retailer would be selling the unlocked version alongside Amazon - which is also an investor in Essential, as it turns out. Sprint will be the only carrier offering the Essential Phone, but the unlocked model should work on all the big ones.

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-519850

My god, I start to think that whole Essential phones are a scam

  • Bailey

Have to agree with everything you have typed. one of the key ingredients to a phones success is making it available quickly and Essential has not done this. It becomes even more worrying as Essential has no proven presence in the market and the...

  • Carol

A while ago, you could have said that about nokia 6. But nokia 8? Was not even announced by the company it self. It is all this "Journalist" that always made Nokia look bad, either from bad mouthing or from hyping a device that was not even announced...