Essential PH-1's camera gets Portrait Mode

Himanshu, 30 November 2017

During its most recent Q&A session on Reddit, Essential promised that the Camera app on its PH-1 smartphone will shortly get an update, enabling Portrait Mode as well as bringing along some other changes. Well, that update is now live.

In addition to Portrait Mode, the update also includes reduced JPEG compression (aimed to improve image quality) and some stability fixes. It also adds exposure compensation for all regular camera modes.

During the session, the company also announced that Android Oreo Beta V2 will rollout next week. For all details related to the AMA, head here.

Grab the updated Camera app by heading to the Google Play link below.

Google Play


Reader comments

  • Stephen

LG phones do not have a telescoping lens like the rest of the trending phones. They have a wide angle lens instead. The only hope of portrait mode for the LG phones is something like the Pixel 2's method of portrait photos using AI, but if I'm not mi...

  • Carlos

It is pretty decent

  • Nick

Good! Why LG can't implement portrait mode in G6, V30... they have 2 cameras... why not? It is a trending thing N

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