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  • shaik

I have this device from long, right now i have a problem with backup battery which is damage and i cannot find that in KSA, kindly advice me and help to locate

  • Kollynzito

Am a Nigerian,i've dis G500 but de problem is de doesn't display can i get de screen since i can't find it in Nigeria.

  • Joe

kk, 03 Aug 2009Anyone know how to change the langusage into English as it ... morei would recommend that you download the proper ROM version and flash your device. The latest is ROM version 110, which is Windows Mobile 5.0 with AKU 2.2. I really like this upgrade as it is more stable than its previous ROM version (098) that it came with.

One more thing, Make sure you download the "WWE 110" which mean "World-Wide English."

  • kk

Anyone know how to change the langusage into English as it is in Chinese now

  • HS

I had this phone. It disappointed me. Simply dont buy it. I am well off without it.

  • Joe

TP ROCKX, 30 Dec 2008my microphone (speaker also) was damage, we have the same p... moreHey man, i just wanna say that i have seen broken ETEN G500's on ebay that are sold strictly for parts. if you would like we should exchange e-mail addresses so we can chat and try to help each other. i have a question for you as well.


Joe, 24 Jan 2008i bought this phone off ebay for $60 b/c the microphone is ... moremy microphone (speaker also) was damage, we have the same problem bro, though, the one for earpiece was not totally damaged, but it only gives a minimal sound. i'm just looking to find spare parts for that speaker. any idea where i can find a spare for my speaker. it was also buffering really hard when i'm watching large file of movies. anyway its a nice phone...

  • Anonymous

its really a fun phone to have if you are looking for something that maybe older in technology, but still can compete with the big guys in the mobile realm, although lacking Wi-Fi hurts its chances. it could be remedied with a simple card but then that takes up space for an actial memory card to be inserted. bu it has GPS which is helpful. this is the cousin to the M600 (which is for business/productivity people who need wi fi acess more than GPS, the G500 is the Road Warrior with its GPS). it is a neat phone. i didnt care if it was older technology. i own it for about 6 months now and i still love it even though newer and better devices i drool over are coming out. i can't spend the $$ to go out and buy a new phone right now, so this was the only option (b/c ebay is awesome and something like this was cheap as hell although the actual device is not a "cheap" device). its my first PDA/Phone and tricking it out with a new UI and stuff like that really helps my productivity. i am connected to everything i need & want.

  • Anonymous

it rox!!!!!

  • Joe

i bought this phone off ebay for $60 b/c the microphone is broken (i use the bluetooth anyway). one thing i have to say about the phone is that i love it. i am in college and money is very precious to me. since i can't go buy a $500 phone, this was my next best bet. i can do everything and anything with this. so what if its a bit bulky (size & weight). i appreciate the GPS harware it has (i use TomTom 6.0 with the very latest maps). i pimped the phone out so probaly thats why i am truly in love with it. it keeps me connected to everything. even for a 2 year old phone (at this point in time) i think it can still compete with today's devices such as the HTC products. yes, n wifi, but i would sacrifice it for the GPS (i know the newer phones have both). i bought a wifi card for it anyway so now i do have both. i have no comlaints with this at all. plus i have a 4 GB card as well, so i can have as much storage as an iphone (1st gen models).

  • Adjetey

The G500 is very exciting but no matter the settings it simply wont vibrate & with that so so low audio, i do miss quite a lot of calls and appointments... any clue to resolve this...

  • Hussain

i'm using it since 2005 and i found the following:
ringtone-very low
battery-very poor
weight-very heavy
speed-very slow
price-very high
size-very big

  • Lou Australia

Have had the Eten G500 for 6 months very good i am operating copilot Live 6, for australia and have been to UK & europe they all have worked great.
small complaint ,wish the phone audio was a bit louder.

  • Anonymous

Hey, guys!!! Before I though that this phone like my Eten M600 has Wi-Fi. :( But it don't has it!!! That's no good for phone of this price. You Even can't use Skype on this!!!

  • simon

any body know the web settings for 02 uk plz help

  • milkshake

great phone, but it looks great witha man though

  • Anonymous

good phone

  • Michael

I can't believe that ETEN G500 has no WLAN.

  • simon

does any 1 know how to get rom update and what does it add to phone plz help

  • pankaj jain

I had purchased G500 about a month before, A great product over all. Surprising part with G500 is that product does not comes with any GPS utility and no prefered software or utility is mentioned on I want to buy GPS utility or GPS software to make use of GPS in G500. Any body if can suggest about the software to be used on G500 with India Map.