Eten glofiish DX900

Eten glofiish DX900

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  • AnonD-204834
  • kiN
  • 09 Nov 2013

This is the same as the Acer DX900

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    • smartdx900
    • pRd
    • 11 Dec 2012

    i search this phone

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      • kitwyma
      • 43V
      • 24 Oct 2010

      Why does GSMARENA still have this phone in their database?

      This phone is obselete!!
      Availability is scares and or limited to either refurbish or used!!

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        • fresed
        • nRi
        • 27 Apr 2010

        gugu, 25 Mar 2010Nirusha have you tried any other phone besides this one?i h... moreI bought this phone a while ago and it's crap: batery lasts for less than a day, the hot key to phone is always getting automatic calls because it is not flat, it freezes for no reason, the function "unlock" desappears from the screen, etc etc. I'm all the time taking out vs taking in the battery to restart the phone. The concept is very useful but the machine is really poor. DO NOT BUY IT.

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          • Guru
          • 2SP
          • 09 Apr 2010

          It is very expensive.

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            • gugu
            • nsE
            • 25 Mar 2010

            Nirusha have you tried any other phone besides this one?i have this one.and its crap.wery slow doesnt work at all if you dont have signal.poor battery.a lot of turns of wery often.its crap.and know i kant sell it because no one heard of this brand and they dont trust 2 buy it and i payed a lot for it and now its stayng in its packeg and colects dust

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              • Sam
              • Nyj
              • 21 Mar 2010

              I just bought this expensive ACER DX900 but u know what? It is not worth it. Better not to buy this unit at all! very disappointing battery life & performance!

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                • principessatop
                • LA9
                • 10 Mar 2010

                Ngonywike, 09 Jan 2010Anyone who knows where this mobile phone is available, beca... moreI bought it in Mexico

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                  • Maka
                  • vxt
                  • 23 Feb 2010

                  So expensive...

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                    • nmx
                    • 20 Jan 2010

                    I think that Eten was bought from Acer, so there is no difference (for more here:

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                      • Anonymous
                      • b%2
                      • 20 Jan 2010

                      Acer acquired Glofish or Eten.


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                        • Ngonywike
                        • MuN
                        • 09 Jan 2010

                        Anyone who knows where this mobile phone is available, because it seems it is available in very very few countries?

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                          • curi0us
                          • PAJ
                          • 21 Dec 2009

                          anyone can explain to me what the difference between this phone with Acer DX900? thanx

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                            • Nickless
                            • fXD
                            • 11 Dec 2009

                            This phone is not in KSA yet i found acer dx900 in Ryad & it costs (Acer dx900) about 2700 ryal.

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                              • Nickless
                              • fXD
                              • 06 Dec 2009

                              Please any 1 knows stores selling this phone yet & is there electronic ones shipping abroad?

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                                • Nirusha
                                • PS6
                                • 29 Nov 2009

                                I have bee nhaving this phone for the last 6 months and am very happy with the phone. Ido agree that the battery will last for one day, but I challenge anyone to find a WinMo phone that will last more than 2 days... I have also got Garmin installed and am using this to sync with my MS Exchange server over wifi at home. If you are ok with flashing on new ROMS, this has plenty of support on the web. I am running this on a custom WinMo 6.5 and it is great ! This is also the only phone with a dual SIM and 3.5G. All the other dual sim phones are non 3G. The HSDPA speed is also absolutely great. I have set this up as a Wifi hotspot and use this as the wirelesss hotspot at home under 3.5G data. If you can get hands on this phone and if you are ok with fiddling with your phone, this is the only phone to get.I needed this phone as I travel a lot and wanted to have 2 sims active. This supports it great ! and I wanted to have 2 sims active when at home, one for calling and one for data, this also works great.. there is still no phone out there that can do the same... Highly recomended...

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                                  • gfonju
                                  • 43V
                                  • 26 Nov 2009

                                  out of stock in every store.
                                  Stoped production

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • MxD
                                    • 27 Oct 2009

                                    yes, every SIM has to got its own imei = yes, this phone is dual-imie

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                                      • Goodpeoples
                                      • vG0
                                      • 04 Oct 2009

                                      mylesdj, 27 May 2009can this phone use mpr alers for messages and how long is i... moreTHis phone has MP3 Player. The tome is dependent on service provider. It is between 20s to 40s. No tone can be played for full length, unless service providr supports it.

                                        • J
                                        • John
                                        • PBL
                                        • 14 Sep 2009

                                        Can somebody tell me if the dx900 has push email? Please, need to know answer quick! thanks