Eten glofiish M800

Eten glofiish M800

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  • Baba
  • n%6
  • 05 Dec 2016

Will you kindly help me to locate the department for software for M800 in English.

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    • Baba
    • n%6
    • 03 Dec 2016

    My phone is in Dutch. How do I get English software?

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      • Agume
      • fsT
      • 22 Jul 2015

      My language is german, even if i change to english its german.What do i do.

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        • jambu
        • PS6
        • 26 Aug 2012

        skrin lcd to repair and replace the new skrin...

          • m
          • mike
          • KxW
          • 14 May 2012

          how to get the battery ?? It's still good...please help...

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            • Anonymous
            • QMX
            • 10 Mar 2011

            keivin , 17 Jan 2011slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it came out around 2007 which it 4 years old already.

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              • andre.michel.breger@
              • px9
              • 14 Feb 2011

              Rev. Alexander A.Oke, 09 Nov 2010How do i change language my phone glofiish 800mif you find please help me

                • k
                • keivin
                • 0TF
                • 17 Jan 2011


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                  • Anonymous
                  • Tqi
                  • 30 Dec 2010

                  glofiish is very great mobile phone.perhaps bad

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                    • Rev. Alexander A.Oke
                    • fuW
                    • 09 Nov 2010

                    How do i change language my phone glofiish 800m

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                      • Marco
                      • pP6
                      • 10 Sep 2010

                      I used to own one for a few weeks... Sloooooooooow device, poor battery and very, very bad antenna. Did I mention it is SLOW? This thing is SO slow, it sometimes took more than 10 seconds just to open a sms! And I don't know how many updates I installed on this thing, it just stayed slow. Slow slow slow. And even slower!

                        • D
                        • David
                        • mXx
                        • 05 Aug 2010

                        no service or gprs signal no matter what sim card i put in it.

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                          • miankita
                          • P3x
                          • 24 Jun 2010

                          can u help me to unlock my cell cause it just says locked device :(

                            • R
                            • Rohit
                            • 3Y6
                            • 14 May 2010

                            the mobile phone has all the possible contents but the batery runs so fast

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                              • jeffson
                              • nMx
                              • 24 Mar 2010

                              eirca, 12 Sep 2008i love this phone and their nothing wrong with it. people j... moretell me why is the battery running so fast then

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                                • pixelsnader
                                • ncd
                                • 19 Jan 2010

                                Have used this phone for nearly 2 years, and I'm still liking the use of it.

                                It's a good phone for someone that wants to be able to do everything. As with most all-in-one solutions, it does a lot, but not everything well. It tends to be slow, and there are probably a lot more optimized phones for wifi but they'd lack gps. Or they'd have gps but no bluetooth and a low res screen. Or a nice screen but no keyboard. Etcetera.

                                It has all the connectivity you can have (gsm/2g/3g/wifi/bluetooth/gprs/edge/sms/mms/email/im(comes with MSN messenger standard)/FM radio) which is the most complete of any phone I have seen so far.
                                256 Mb of storage but can easily be expanded with microSD cards(which have the benefit of easily swapping out).

                                Yes the phone is a bit slow sometimes but thats largely because of the superb screen. It comes at a price.Most people probably forget this: the screen is 640x480 whereas most competition is 320x240. This means the screen has 4 times as many pixels, which of course takes up more processing power.
                                There's the issue of RAM, and to be honest I don't understand why there's not 128 or even more RAM in the phone.

                                The camera I have tested against a bunch of other phone camera's like the LG viewty and I've come to the conclusion that the image quality is actually better (even though it's only 3MP instead of viewty's 5MP. Mega-pixels isn't everything.)

                                Though looks aren't the most important for me, I don't find the m800 ugly, nor very attractive. It's got a business-like functionality-based appearance, not too flashy or hip, but not just a rectangle either. I like the symmetry of the front, and most of the colorscheme though i have no idea why they put a bronze plate in the middle.

                                Usability for the phone is good. In my right hand I've got access to all the buttons, though the volume controls are hard to reach (I usually flip the screen to my palm to use the volume controls).
                                The touch keys on the front (next to the joystick) are a bit fiddly, so I have them turned off, but others might like them.

                                Best keyboard out there imo, has buttons that are about 20% larger then competitors with good tactile feedback and backlighting for typing in the dark.
                                Having a slide out qwerty is not useful for one handed texting though it's amazingly fast with 2 hands (I can type blindly and while IMing people didn't even notice I wasn't on my pc. It's that fast.)

                                The only problem I have is the build quality. Several people here have replied about it dying. Mine too is currently at the end of it's life cycle. Paint is peeling off on some places, the sliding mechanism feels a bit crooked and it's been turning itself off lately (started happening after the last time it fell). Though to be honest I haven't taken the best care of it and it's had a few drops to the floor.

                                The M800 offers everything there's currently out there, in a small package that's not ugly, at an affordable price. I can definitely recommend it.

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                                  • pixelsnader
                                  • ncd
                                  • 19 Jan 2010

                                  hussein, 10 May 2009i what t know if this phone has a pen ... moreYes it has, it's tucked away in the bottomright corner of the phone

                                    • D
                                    • Danni
                                    • myx
                                    • 12 Jul 2009

                                    I got this phone a little while ago and i loved it ti bits but the only downside is that it is really complicated to work an di spilled orange juice over it and nowhere is able to fix it

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                                      • Pride
                                      • 3aC
                                      • 25 Jun 2009

                                      Ok, forget my previous posts, this being my second M800, I thought it was fine until for no reason after a few days it just went haywire. It kept flicking from the voice dialer to home screen !!! WTF !!! A hard reset sorted nothing :(

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                                        • Pride
                                        • nHU
                                        • 19 May 2009

                                        Sadly this only has a pitifull 64MB of RAM, then only about 20-30 after a boot up :(
                                        Other than this, the handset is good apart from the slow response when opening certain apps.