Eten glofiish X500+

Eten glofiish X500+

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aFroDiTu, 16 Apr 2010Hi all , I saw there that u search a GPS aplication . I hav... morehi ^ ^ plz tell me from where can i download *i go* application for gps ^^^^^^

  • aFroDiTu

Hi all , I saw there that u search a GPS aplication . I have this great phone and I found an aplication for GPS name " IGO 8 " it`s working perfect. Nice phone !!!


Anonymous, 23 Jan 2010You need install Apllication uses with GPS as Garmin Google... morehi , there is alto apllication, plz tell me which one , i have google maps ,,

  • Anonymous

AAMIR-KSA, 12 Dec 2009GUYS I am using thIs phone near to one year,,,, it is very ... moreYou need install Apllication uses with GPS as Garmin Google Map and many more

  • andy

I AM SO HAPPY with my eten 500+ ,,,, really


GUYS I am using thIs phone near to one year,,,, it is very good mObile ,,it is not slow ,, I usEd skype , youtube facebook and many more applications ,, and battery is not bad, but I do not know how to use gps ?? CAN ANY HELP ME ?? THANK YOU **** NOW I AM USING gSmarenA on eten glofiish x500+

  • bhuwan

humm i am also a user of this mobile it has some good feature and most is bad like battery is not so good and some time lose files and slow i have to recharge every day
bottom line is this is not so good phone i dont recomend to buy this phone to new customer

  • ali

good cell phone

  • Anonymous

Iam using this device for a week. Battery is sick. Device is very slow campared to ather PDA's.

  • KSA

glofiish x500 is not powerful
i do not recommend buying it
slow in general
but to be fair it is loaded with too many software...
phone is not practical...

  • Junie

My X500+ was charging when the electricity went now she is not taking the charge. Can some one help me???


  • George K

The phone is awesome, the specs as described (camera is good outside, poor inside). However, eten loads a whole bunch of software that occupies memory unnecessarily. You can get a modified ROM (not from eten) that cuts out all the extra software. I have 26MB free when i start up and I rarely have memory issues. I use WiFi, bluetooth, push email (using emoze), word, and medical software (PepID and others), and am very happy. No pauses in answering phone calls, though I used to have this problem before I got the "new" or modified ROM.

GPS is awesome... even works from inside my house if I'm near a window or skylight. Quick lock on and rock-solid. I use it with TomTom in Canada. I've even used some marine software on the boat.

Earpiece volume is too soft, though I just downloaded a patch for this that's supposed to fix it--can't comment on whether it works or not yet. I hope it does, that the main complaint I still have.

Speed is adequate. This is not a problem with the phone, it is WM6. It would be better with a faster processor, but these are just not available.

Battery life is OK. Without push email, 2 or 3 days with moderate use. With push email and moderate use, a day maximum. Usually OK if I charge every night.

VERY IMPORTANT: Anyone using WM6 needs a little program that automatically closes programs instead of minimizing them. There are many free ones. I use Magic Button. It also functions as a task switcher.

Have been using for 1 year now... extremely happy customer.

  • very bad phone

Dr. Mohamed Mustafa, 11 May 2008i bought it 9 months ago . i was really excited about the s... morevery very bad phone and don't buy this phone
i'am very disappointed in this mobile phone.

plz do'nt buy it.............

  • Dr. Mohamed Mustafa

i bought it 9 months ago . i was really excited about the specifications written in user guide. but i am so disappointed with the funcitonality... you should be patient enough if you are using x500+ .... i'm so disappointed ... so bad functionality - very bad camera ... very small memory ... so so so bad as a phone .. it hangs when you try to cancel any incoming call. and very rapid battery consuming if you want to use any bluetooth options like hand free bluetooth system. i obligate to buy a new mobile phone. and i feel, e-ten deceived me and take my money for nothing

  • Andreas

I am using it for about a year and it is/was a buisness tool to me. What we should deferentiate from a PDA is the Windows Mobile software itself (here the V.6). Yes, the WM6 has great possibilitites but what about the harware?
Well, it takes 4-6 seconds to connect once answering or giving a call which made all of my callers and receivers to be annoyed. I formated the device repeatedly but nothing was improoved. I lost many phone calls even if I answered them!!!! Moreover, the 64MB ram is BBS!!!! It is always full. You have to go and stop the running programs manually before using the camera otherwise you get the "no memory to run application" message. More than half of it is beeing used from the operating system itself. What I need for this phone is an 800MHZ processor with 256RAM and keep everything else in place.
And keep inmind that they do manufacture newer PDAs, all of them the same stuff!!! I really wonder why they are always making the same material and they do not upgrade the harware. The answer: For me and you to by always new products, to get the 400MHZ and then the 450, the 500 the 520 ect and in 10 years when the software needs will be for a 1.5MHZ they will eventually make my 800MHZ one.
I got another mobile phone (Nokia E51) just for calls and I kept the X500+ for the callendar and notes.
You cant even download a big email for gods sake.

  • non-sutisfied

I bought 3 months ago . I was really excited about the specifications written in user guide. But I am so disappointed with the funcitonality... You should be patient enough if you are using X500+ .

  • atc123

this device has great features but can't use half of then(specialy dial pad) because carracters are to small. When are we gonna get a device with great specs and great performances?

  • andrew

This is not a very bad device. I've got it for 1 month now and it's ok for what i need it. Ok i guess anyone can read the specifications so i'll skip the good parts cause many features are great and most important high resolution screen.. if you wana buy a big screen phone/PDA buy VGA resolution cause 320x240 is simple to little and you;ll have that oldschool nokia aspect .. little dots on icons .. ok back to the X500+ bad aspects:

- bad camera .. ok it's preety good for outside cause it has a focus feature but for closeups it kind of sucks. When i buyed this PDA phone i read there MACRO feature so i said i can probably make pictures of text pages and later see them but no .. it's simply fuzzy no matter the settings. I've actualy been embarased by a nokia E50 camera .. even that made clear pictures of text pages

- another bad thing is that it has problems saving settings .. i mean it makes a lot of backups .. so many you actualy have to spend some time deleting them at one moment but has problems to memorise settings for instance in case of low battery i switched it off and then got a full settings reset .. buttons ringtones all ... don;t know if this happenes to all PDA's (never had one before)

- the last aspect i don't like(and i say again never had a pda before don't know much about this) is closing aplications .. it's like a symbian History menu .. stacks applications without closing them and uses all the RAM making you sometimes stop and go close them in the Memory menu. This thing sometimes makes other applications mallfunction especialy the camera or the Bussines Card Recogniser .. what i mean .. i says Out of Memory (so you can't make any picture) or can't recognise text ..

Nevertheless i am pleased with my X500+ didn't have errors restart jamms or thing like that the WI-FI is great no problems connecting what so ever. Phone is ok didn;t have any problems with signal .. not even in the subway ... sound is good if you wana listen music on it's speaker but most important and this is why i choosed it in the 1st place GREAT SCREEN RESOLUTION 640x480 simply the best. I've played on many PDA Phones and I assure you go for 640x480 cause 320x240 IS TOO SMALL.

P.S. I'm sorry for spelling mistakes I'm not an advanced english speaker(writter in this case) and ofcourse this problems could be for my PDA not necesary for all the X500+ models you never know how on part could mallfunction in your model and do magic in another's :) . Hope this helps anyone intersted in this Eten X500+.
Oh yeah I totaly forgot I don't use the GPS on it but I've heard it works very well on it with the iGO maps and for anyone else buying it (OR ANY PDA PHONE) and don't plan in using GPS I can say only one thing RAM&PROCESSORS Mhz ARE NOT RELEVANT if you don't wana use GPS.

  • Anonymous

I heard that most pda phone have poor phone reception than a non pda phone. Do anyone know that which pda phone have excellent good phone reception. My Eten X500+ can't pick up call if you are deep inside a building.

  • ivan

Hi ! This device is extremely slow! ...and the camera is awfull. Batery need to be chrged every 6 hours:(((