Eten glofiish X610

Eten glofiish X610

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  • P$3
  • 19 Dec 2008

i hv used this handset its very gud very handy to use its looks is very gud i luv this very gud thing i hv a new girl friend these days n that just bcz of this phone, iluv my phone..

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    • cpam
    • 0CC
    • 13 Nov 2008

    Trust me m8 you really don’t need anything with Eten logo on it

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      • XtremeX17
      • 0ma
      • 13 Nov 2008's looking good
      Seems like it have many features and apps..?

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        • CPAM
        • 0Bq
        • 15 Sep 2008

        I just return one, after 3 days of testing… after all Eten have loooong way to go. compare to my tytn2 I’m giving 5/10.

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          • X800 Owner
          • pu4
          • 31 Aug 2008

          Think twice, before decide for any ETEN!! Mine X800 has to be repaired under waranty and Eten wants, that I send it on MY expences to Taiwan. In such case I have also in/out (so, twice) EU CUSTOM procedure. If YOU have time... I don't and I'll just trash it.

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            • Zero
            • 25K
            • 24 Aug 2008

            Guys..this beauty already release in Russia back few days it in Youtube!!

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              • Anonymous
              • pwi
              • 13 Aug 2008

              its really nice.... any news on release?

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                • theodork
                • GvS
                • 25 Jul 2008

                if money were no object, I'd probably get the HTC Diamond or Samsung Omnia, but I'm looking forward to this one if the price stays right.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 2An
                  • 06 Jul 2008

                  From the looks of it, this one should be in the spotlight too. Enough of those diamond and omnia

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                    • Anonymous
                    • M@T
                    • 29 Jun 2008

                    from the pic it seems 610 has SPB Mobile Shell pre-loaded....

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                      • Anonymous
                      • kWK
                      • 25 Jun 2008

                      Unique, 05 Jun 2008have eten seen the competition out there ?? lol need to kee... moreya if u wanna pay like $1000 for an htc phone...

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                        • Not so Unique
                        • nt2
                        • 08 Jun 2008

                        Obviously E-ten's X6** series are targeted at consumers who intend to have a PDA phone at a lower price. So why compare the X610 with other superior PDA phones? I think its good to have diversity in the market, it benefits the people.

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                          • Unique
                          • mAt
                          • 05 Jun 2008

                          have eten seen the competition out there ?? lol need to keep you with the times
                          Htc are destroying the Window mobile market with some good handsets

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                            • Christy
                            • Tr8
                            • 04 Jun 2008

                            xotiq, 04 Jun 2008146g is heavy...isnt it???Not really, I have the TYTN II. of course you do notice the difference/change in weight compared to "normal" feature phones. You do however get used to it.

                            IMO the TYTN II is weighted beautifully.


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                              • xotiq
                              • vGt
                              • 04 Jun 2008

                              146g is heavy...isnt it???