Eten glofiish X800

Eten glofiish X800

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  • wil
  • 2TA
  • 02 Apr 2007

X800 shown on CEBIT was a prototype. It's planned that final version will have Samsung 500 MHz CPU.

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    • Anonymous
    • Yc1
    • 26 Mar 2007

    no flash?? please tell me there is a flash for this phone. Does anyone knows if this phone uses strokes/pingying/or both.

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      • akwa
      • mDf
      • 25 Mar 2007

      From my experience with my glofiish x500 I thought ETEN would come out with real new features like diplay size to be 3.6" not 2.8, the processor speed to be higher than 500Mhz
      the RAM size and the keyborad etc. I found nothing interesting exept the Windows Mobile 6.0 and 3G

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        • dany
        • nDK
        • 24 Mar 2007

        It's a beautiful phone. Great job ETEN!!!

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          • Anonymous
          • PGY
          • 21 Mar 2007

          ram and proces,ETEN this way IMATE will beat u wiyh there new ultimates. DDDDooo somthing B4 its to late.
          moor colors will help

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • PGY
            • 21 Mar 2007

            color. do changes
            nothing about TV conection
            infrared is important

              • N
              • Nara-e-Mastana
              • Nyj
              • 17 Mar 2007

              Evenrything look fine with this phone....but processor speed and RAM sucks..

              It should be like intel 520 processor and 128MB RAM....

              Take my advice and Change it ETEN....its not too late... :)

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                • Anonymous
                • 4YS
                • 16 Mar 2007

                w00000w, nice screen, gps and hspda no qwerty keyboard, i dont really care anymore, im tired of waiting for a phone with everything, toshiba g900 is good phone also, but i like the thiness and gps in the 1.

                  • J
                  • Jax
                  • m%u
                  • 16 Mar 2007

                  Hope they have a Flash for the Cam and a LED-light on the Back for the Camcorder function and it has a 15 Frames per Second VGA Camcorder funktion.

                  And 2 MP cam when there are 3 and more MP now on the other Phones?

                  I think they could use a better (faster)Prozzesor with more Ram.

                  So i can write on and on and on...

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                    • Bolojohn
                    • j@$
                    • 16 Mar 2007

                    CPU could be better, I mean 520 or 624(dream)
                    memory 128 or 256 mb could make this thing the best in the world, but 400mhz and 64mb regardless of all other features, I would say is waist of money

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                      • totti
                      • PuH
                      • 16 Mar 2007

                      it looks like a nokia n70, Divided in a half, or like a nokia n80...

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                        • licrimon2002
                        • M}f
                        • 15 Mar 2007

                        nice. very nice device.I have a M700, 3 day use.....3 weeks service..No bug, no eten.
                        sorry but is true.

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                          • Uniquetouch
                          • mAt
                          • 15 Mar 2007

                          Think they have got it right with keeping the inbuilt Gps! i must say Eten are a good competition in the phone Market but they need to step their game up with higher res screens and better mega pixel cameras!

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                            • UPDAQuest
                            • 4gg
                            • 15 Mar 2007

                            Would also be better if they made available a 3G version of their M700 too.