Eten M550

Eten M550

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i have eten m550 pocket pc,the battery is dead,how can i get another battery as the battery is scarce in nigeria,i like the phone

  • Anonymous

looks kwl!
i must say

  • kastha89

i think this phone is ugly and chooky

  • 2 Bunny

In response to mr. lalala hahaha's comment, I would have to say that many modern phones suck far worse than this. Non smartphones anyway. What can you do with them?! THEY'RE CRAP! This is immeasurably better in comparison.

  • vimal

very nice
i like this mobile

  • sophiya

its a nice phone.i relly like it

  • Anonymous

hehe.. ok po.. luv u!

  • Anonymous

what is this random brand...... looks like a try hard imitation of imate

  • Anonymous

not bad

  • Anonymous

come on...not even EDGE? bad, bad :((

  • V

Maybe this is just for people who needs basic functionality of a PDA-Phone, including phone capabilities & working with Ms office files.

This strategy will work fine only if Eten give a reasonable price for this device.

  • DiO

Well, umm, err at least it's stylish ? Kinda. Maybe for unneedy Pocket PC lovers ? Dunno...

  • Preus

Ehh ? I don't think that they should expect any succes with this boring thing...

  • lalala hahaha

what the hell is this phone good for??

it's got ancient specs