Eten M600

Eten M600

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A phone waay ahead of it's time.

  • Prem

Hey anybody knows the service station of Eten M600
my budy is not working it's dead

pls suggest within asia

  • Anonymous

hevin, 18 Nov 2010hey my m600+ wont start up. even if i put my backup battery... moreIf your hpone only works when you plug it in then your batteries are and you need a new one

  • jhoy

whats the easy way to not tap the align screen coz i use the default now i dont know how to back it

  • Avijit

my eten m600 does not open now. thats 1 my favorite mobile. but i cant use that. how can i solve the problem? plz suggest me. im stay with Bangladesh.plz mention in Bangladesh service centre. steel im waiting ur ans.

  • cesar

banndad, 18 Jul 2008anybody know how i can download the english software to my ... morehow to download english sofware

  • hevin

hey my m600+ wont start up. even if i put my backup battery in still wont start. it only stars when i plug it into the charger.and when i plug it says 1% battery. any solution guys . plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me a solution

  • ziano

hi, pls tell me how can i restart my phone because right now phone can't see any network, pls am waiting for your reply

  • Torq

I had this way back a couple years ago. It was awesome! I kinda want a Windows mobile device again

  • drsiiin

Hey dudes. Got any of ya a link 2 hungarian user's guide 4 thiz phone?

  • freddyzdead

No, osama, it wasn't useful. This site truncates links so they're useless. Anyway, you need at least 4.1 version of activesync, 4.0 doesn't work with later firmwares. Easy to find by googling.

I am having a lot of trouble to get the unit to charge and also to switch it on, I have to push reset about 50 times before anything happens. Did I miss something in the instructions? Also, I am lucky if the battery lasts one whole day. Is this normal? I'm not using all that much, just as a phone mainly.

  • Osama D.d

slamo 3laykom
for all the ones that asking about activesync
use this link to download the software
and i hope this info was useful

  • Osama D.d

MUHAMMAD ARIF AFRIDI, 25 Nov 2008hi all pls how can i recharge my m600 backup batrryhi muhammad to recharge the backup bat all you have to do is to remove the main bat from the device and to connect it to the the charger. it will take about 12 hours but you will get your backup bat life back

  • trini

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2008whenever i try to use the phone in gsm mode it tells me wir... moreIt probably means that you need to attached your earphones .. you have it in ear phone mode

  • Anonymous

ajay, 22 Nov 2008what is the site for download the activesync4.0if you want to download activesynchronization, visit microsoft web site. or go to google and search.

  • fasal

wich align screen


hi all
pls how can i recharge my m600 backup batrry

  • ajay

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2008You can download activesync 4.0 from the eten web site.what is the site for download the activesync4.0

  • tiekyu

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2008whenever i try to use the phone in gsm mode it tells me wir... moreyou have to re insert the sim card properly.

  • Khan, Ayub

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2007hi! i am from saudi arabia...i wish not to hurt anyone..but... morehi, i bought it 2nd hand in Khobar, KSA too. but no driver cd to down/up load any software from my PC. will you please send me its Drivers on my following e-mail address to enable me to connect with my PC.In addition give me address or location to buy its battery. I will be greatful to you. Thanks