Eten P300B

Eten P300B

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  • Nige

ETEN SUX... Bought 2 P300B and in just 3 months both devices BROKE..1 bluetooth problem and the other FLASHDISK problem...DONT BUY trown mine to the rubis bin couple years agooo...soo dont buy this junk!

  • frank

reminds me of jesus jones

  • r1ez

ETEN P300B is probably good for entry level users, the features cover all standard pda/smartphone, bluetooth connectivity, infra red port and PC connection through active sync.
But that's not enough, it is no good for multimedia (windows media player 9.0), due to limited supported colours, bad sound quality for mp3 or other supported sounds, must install or buy third parties' software which most of them incompatible with this product.