Europes first mega-pixel camera

20 Feb, 2004
Vodafone announced about a new product in Vodafone live!. And that is the first mega – pixel camera phone Sharp GX30. Sharp GX30 is for GSM networks and is successor of GX10, GX10i and GX20 some of the best selling handsets in Vodafone live!. The built-in CCD camera has the possibility of taking 1 Million pixel high quality images and is the first of its kind in Europe. The handset has also a 2.4 inch screen with QVGA (240x320) resolution – 262,144 colors, the second front screen supports 65,536 colors and is 1.2-inches in size, SD (Secure Digital) card slot for saving images and storing music, MP3 player/voice recorder, Movie Mail to record up to 20 seconds of sound and vision, supports Java, it has even Light for shooting in the dark.

Reader comments

16 years later, we're counting on 108 megapixels, to take pictures inside due to pandemics... Who knew this would be the future?

  • AnonD-501550

1 Megapixel is basically useless nowadays

  • Ngizi 😂

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