Evernote gets faster and smarter with 8.0 update for iOS

Prasad, 18 January 2017

There was a time when Evernote was the gold standard when it came to note-taking apps. But as time progressed, the app took on a bloated look, as did the company itself, with many irrelevant products being sold, and eventually people started looking for alternatives.

The company has been trying to get itself back on track for a while now and it's most apparent in their latest update for iOS, which brings with it many new changes.

Version 8.0 brings a new user interface that focuses on speed and efficiency. The main screen shows all your notes with a prominent button for creating a new note at the bottom. Functionality-wise, however, not much has changed and the app still does a lot of things, such as audio and photo notes, reminders, advanced editing options with the addition of colored text, and an advanced search for looking through your documents. It's just that all of it is now presented in a way that doesn't overwhelm the user and is there for power users should they choose to use it.

The app still has three payment tiers, with the basic one being free and the other two offering ability to sync with more than two devices and upload more data per month. The most expensive tier also has advanced search that can find text even inside images.

The new app is available on iOS but an Android version should be coming later at some point.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

OneNote >>> everything else

  • Anonymous

To spy better on users.

Eh, I still like Google Keep more.

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