Evernote makes its paid tiers more expensive, limits use of the free plan to two devices

Vlad, 28 June, 2016

Evernote has announced some changes to its pricing tiers today, and people aren't going to like any of this. First off, the note-taking service's free plan, called Evernote Basic, will remain free, but you'll only be able to use two devices with it. That's one computer and one phone, or one phone and one tablet, or any other combination - but the total has to be two. Previously, there was no such limit in place.

Next up, both paid plans are getting more expensive. Evernote Plus used to cost $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year. This now changes to $3.99 and $34.99, respectively. Evernote Premium will cost $7.99 each month, or $69.99 for a whole year, up from $5.99 and $49.99, respectively.

The company says the price hikes are necessary for it to survive, since it doesn't use ads or sell your data to make money. The changes will apply to everyone. The new prices will be live starting today for new subscribers, and current subscriptions will be adjusted at some point in the near future (after each subscriber will get a notice from the company).

The same goes for the two device limit of the Basic plan - new users get this from day one, while existing Basic tier users "will have some time to adjust before the changes take effect". Evernote says to expect a message about the situation "in the coming days".

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Reader comments

  • Forlorn

I did switch from evernote to Simplenote a long time ago as well, it has a good interface and it's quite better than keepnote, the best note app was Catch, until they had been bought to be dismantle i believe.

  • Anonymous

excellent? the app is far from excellent, it's not even free, that's one factor that should be considered to call an app, EXCELLENT

  • Anonymous

I hear what you're saying and agree, Evernote seems to be doing this out of survival because the service is their only source of revenue. That said, the Google's and Microsoft's of the world have their own note-taking apps which are almost as g...

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