EXCLUSIVE: Samsung Galaxy A9 measurements and renders leak

15 December, 2015

We have our hands on the goods again. This time it's the measurements of the incoming Samsung Galaxy A9, courtesy of accessory maker ITSKINS. Last time around it was the Galaxy S7 and S7 Plus, interestingly enough the A9 is slightly more compact than the S7 Plus, despite both having 6.0" screens.

The Galaxy A9 will measure 161.9 x 81.3 x 7.34mm compared to 163.32 x 82.01 x 7.82mm for the S7 Plus. Both devices are a head taller than the Galaxy Note5 (maybe the Note6 takes a growing pill as well?).

Samsung Galaxy A9 measurements

It will be interesting to see how the A9 and S7 Plus compare on the market – they share their metal and glass design, the fingerprint reader for mobile payments and the Super AMOLED display tech. Of course, the A9 will have a 1080p screen instead of QHD, Snapdragon 620 instead of 820 and so on.