Exynos 2100 new benchmarks show multi-core lead over SD888

Ro, 22 December 2020

According to the early reports, Samsung might finally be bringing some serious competition to the flagship SoC market potentially outperforming Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888, which is also still unreleased. The new batch of Geekbench results are in line with this theory.

Exynos 2100 benchmarked again, shows an even higher score than SD888

We will see the Exynos 2100 powering up the still unannounced Galaxy S21-series in most markets while the chipset itself is going to be unveiled on January 12. Unfortunately, we don't have the actual Geekbench results to show but we can definitely take Ice Universe's word for it. And according to him, the CPU peaks at 1,108 points on single-core performance and 3,963 points on multi-threaded workload.

That's quite the jump from the previous Geekbench listing where the chipset reached 1,006 and 3,059 points, respectively. The Snapdragon 888, on the other hand, should be able to reach 1,135 and 3,794 points according to Qualcomm's official data.

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Reader comments

  • Eod

But in other tests like phonebuff and speedtest g iphone dominates

  • Idc

War h speedtestg where it can showcase its true power or even phonebuff for that matter

  • On 1

Exynos 2100 the Snapdragon 888? How much maximum memory space? . RAM? ROM?

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