Facebook Lite makes its way to iOS

Vlad, 05 October 2018

Facebook Lite has been available for Android since 2015, though for a long time it was only accessible from developing markets. This year it finally reached the US, the UK, and other developed markets, and now it's ready to make the jump to iOS as well.

The app is currently only installable if you have an iOS device and are located in Turkey. So the slow rollout seems to be mirroring what happened on Android - developing markets first (and even those being added one by one), developed markets possibly at some later point.

Thus, if you are in the US and are tired of the big bloated mess that Facebook's normal app for iOS has become, you're out of luck for now. But perhaps in the future the Lite alternative will be readily available across the globe.

Facebook Lite is much smaller in size than its non-Lite counterpart (just 5MB on iOS), and it also uses less power and significantly less data. That last aspect is generally much more important in developing markets where unlimited (or even cheap) data plans aren't as prevalent, hence the rollout starting in such countries does make a bit of sense.

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Reader comments

Facebook is dying. Security breach, hackers selling accounts on some websites at $3 above, ZUCC. Why would I care this app anyway?

  • Sebstin

Exactly?.. dont know why extra app to install. I always access FB via "firefox focus"

  • Anonymous

Once Facebook was one of the best way of communication. Now it’s just a television. You get less quality more unwanted quantity of data. Facebook is dead. I deactivated in 2013.