Facebook Lite reaches the US, UK, and other developed countries

Vlad, 15 March 2018

The Facebook Lite app for Android has amassed more than 200 million users since its launch in 2015. It was created to provide a better experience on lower-end devices with slow data connections in developing markets, just like Messenger Lite. And also like the company's chat app, Facebook Lite is now headed to some developed markets as well.

Expect to see it become available to download in the Play Store today. That is, if you are in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, or New Zealand.

"We’ve seen that even in some developed markets people can have lower connectivity, so we want to make sure everyone has the option to use this app if they want", Facebook told Reuters.



Reader comments

  • moromoks
  • 11 Jun 2018
  • Nu7

I love Facebook lite

  • AnonD-456831
  • 09 Apr 2018
  • vLy

I've also never seen any chinese with false patriotism. Unlike us. I'm not even a pessimist. Just a realist. You know what I'm telling you is true. Have you seen chinese begging to get out of their country? Migrating everywhere especially USA? A fell...

  • Anonymous
  • 18 Mar 2018
  • kAF

Most of us? You lost your entire credibility in that sentence. India has 1.4 billion people. Most would be over 700 million. Don't think That many migrate. Besides yes you're correct it's not made in India, it's assembled in India. Same goes for meri...

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